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How's the grinding in this game?


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Avernum 4/5/6 wore me out because of all the "grinding", that is: mindless linear monster killing and questing, which was required so you were powerful enough to do even more grinding to proceed through the story.


There were no shortcuts / different strategies, you were forced into a box.


I can't try Avadon yet because I don't have a mac, so I am asking your opinion about how the grinding / linearity in this game compares to the previous 3 avernum titles.

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This game is highly linear. You don't get access to new areas until you get a quest for the place and/or reached a certain point in the main quest path.


Not as much grinding, but it helps to spend time doing the optional quests to build up levels ahead of the next required quest. You can go up about 1 level per zone. Having someone with a lockpicking skill of 4 (shadowwalker or sorceress) make a big difference in money and speeds up going up by 1 level at level 20.

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