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Main Weapon Switching


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With my shadowwalker, I currently feel like using his razordisk instead of his sword. So I push W. It switches. The problem is, I keep on having to switch it back to the razor disk at the beginning of every battle, and this is annoying me greatly. I don't know if back to the sword weapon automatically between battles, but it definitely does it whenever I talk to someone (probably also when I look in my inventory, but I havent checked yet), or when I hit esc to save. Is there any way to get around this? Other than don't do anything between battles?

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Funny, but I have the opposite problem. I'll occasionally change my blademaster to his bow, or my shadowwalker to his razordisks, and then forget to go back to the melee weapon later. Several times I've tried to get my blademaster in the way of some enemies, only to shoot an arrow at them.


In my experience, I've never had the game default on me to one weapon over the other. Every time I've made a mistake, it was because I forgot to switch the weapon a second time.

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