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Zhossa Mindtaker


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You can access one blocked box if you find the switch for it. Jeff really likes to hide switches since there is another.


Tips for this fight:

Click to reveal..
Make a pet to take some damage.

Spread out to avoid getting hit by area attacks.

Regeneration and healing, plus resurrection scrolls spread through out the party.

Concentrate damage on one soldier at a time.

High dexterity to avoid getting hit.

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What works? Having a good build, toughing out the fight, and not getting stuck on the wrong side of the battlefield when the special effects go off. You want to pick one enemy to hammer and keep hitting them until you get to the next stage of the battle; no need to spread damage around.


This might be easiest with two blademasters. At the very least, you're going to want two meaty characters to take hits. A sorceress is invaluable for piling on damage. If you can survive, I'd say the damage is more efficient than a shaman's healing. The critical difference is that sorceresses can pump out the most damage at a single enemy soldier.


—Alorael, who found this to be the first fight that really gave him trouble. Don't be afraid to turn to consumables. Do consider retraining your party if your builds just aren't working.

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Yeah, I thought that having two melee characters might help. I've been using my Blademaster and the Shaman and Sorceress for pretty much the entire game. This might be a good time to switch it up.



The pillars don't seem to do anything to my group. The text box says my group is confused, but there doesn't seem to be any negative to that. I've just been ignoring the pillar blasts.

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Oh, those pylons can be nasty when they charm party members. You do have a resistance chance.


I hated this fight the first time I did it because every time I'd whittle a soldier down to a sliver of health, he would heal to full strength. Jeff's clarification texts make it easier to understand.

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I thought this would be easy as it is a major plot progressing quest. Normally I do all the side-quests then do the main one. But this time I decided to do it differently, I wont next time. I'm going to go level up then come back to it.


Will the Hoklandian captain wait at the cave opening if I leave the area?

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