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Removing Enemy Buffs? (slight spoilers)


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Does anyone know what your options are (if any) for removing enemy buffs? I have to redo the entire Wizard's Tower because the High Apprentice buffed herself up and was getting 3 extremely powerful attacks every turn. I swear I saw something that removes positive effects from enemies, but now I can't remember what it was. I hope such an item actually does exist, and that I'm not just thinking of the 'remove negative mental effects' crystals...

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The only way to remove enemy buffs is to use abilities against them or have pets that can use abilities (war curse). Sorceresses have slow and some wand of calling monsters can do it. Blademasters at high levels can cause random curses on monsters that attack them.


Assault crystals can reflect some attacks back on the caster so at least they can share your pain.

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