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The Duke of Rahaxy - help


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First, you don't need to destroy the Tower; just the Evil Altar. (Try to destroy any Evil Altar you encounter, the worse that can happen is nothing.)

Not knowing how far you've gone through the Tower, let's assume you've destroyed the Evil Altar and reached the closed East Gate.

Return to 36, 22 and pass through the Secret Door in the Wall. Inside, at 35, 22 is a Lever. Pull it and you'll hear a grinding noise; it's the East Gate opening; Ta-da!

You're through the Forest Tower.



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Once in a while, you'll run into a scenario like this that tells you to use a "Beginner" Party and then throws something like a "Ritual Sanctify" right off the bat.

You don't really "NEED" to Sanctify the Evil Altar right now, but it is the one Alana told you about and you're going to do so sooner or later.

The main thing to do here is to get through the Tower and on with the Story-Line.

If you don't have enough Spell Points now you can destroy the Alter later when you do and are able to.


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You will be through this Tower a 'few' times, depending on how you play, if for no other reason than for training and/or supplies.


When playing "Straight", I'll boost one Priest and one Mage to 50 Spell Points as soon as I can just so I can Cast, "Sanctify" and "Identify".

When playing "Almost Straight", I'll start with those values.

On rare occasions an Author will want you to not be able to do something like, "Sanctify", because it's importance will be relevant later in the story and you may learn something too early if you "Cheat".

I'm glad to hear that you're playing this "Straight". You'll be much more satisfied with the Game and Story-Line by doing so; that includes this Evil Altar.

I've made a few Walk-Throughs for some Scenarios, including this one. If I can be of any further assistance, just whistle. I'm retired for some years now and try to watch this Page regularly.


edit: This would be a good time ro remind you to keep notes so you don't forget to return to this Altar later.


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Well you're right, I've been through the tower a few times now to train and dump gear in the basement. One of my characters now has 46 points so next level I'll finally sanctify it and complete the mission. I've been trying to resist the temptation of editing my party but I'm nearly there so I think I'll wait.


A walkthrough would be brilliant actually, I was trying to find one online but couldn't. At the moment it seems like I'm wondering around pretty aimlessly and I'm not sure how to complete the mini-missions I have been given. So a link to your walkthrough would be great. Thanks!

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I'm sorry I've taken so long to respond to this last post you made; specifically about the Walk-Through.

Some years ago, when I first joined the BoE Community, I asked about a Scenario that I was playing. I was told that the Author had left the Community and was told that, hopefully, some player might remember the answer I was looking for, but that would be my only recourse.

I made a few comments about the lack of information available and, more to the point, the lack of attention to any and all the boards available at that time.

Although it ruffled a few feathers, thankfully it also caused two of the Community members to create sites with more information. Specifically, Traci's "Tru-Site for Blades" was born and has been an absolute blessing for everyone. I feel she has created what should be available for any Scenario System like this.

Initially, I started making Walk-Throughs as well as I could and submitted a couple to her.

As I progressed and released a few hints to players, I realized that I was undermining what the Authors of these Scenarios had worked so hard to accomplish.

I was giving away their secrets. Some of those secrets were extremely important.

Since that realization, I've decided to simply make myself available for help, but not to undermine what so many others have worked so hard to accomplish.

Hopefully, I'm still a long way from the grave and will watch this board as often as possible to help anyone I can.

But to release any more Walk-Throughs seems to me to be unfair to the Authors, whether they be available any more or not.


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And now, to the "Duke".

One of the features to playing these sort of adventure scenarios is that the Player normally needs to search the "World" to learn what things are available. You will learn only what's available at the beginning and expand your knowledge as you progress. Searching seems to be the majority of the Player's activity whether it be searching the countryside, or someone's bedroom dresser. Searching and learning is 'normal' and 'expected'.


I've certainly need help over the years and can understand your situation, so here are a few hints.

Once through the Forest Tower, you'll find a few Road Signs that will let you know which way is what.

You may or may not find Plaingate Prison; it's closed to you now. Don't waste any more time there except to learn that.

At O-(015, 171)is Lemurie.

At O-(026, 135)is Gagnon.

At O-(040, 075)is Dosquet.

At O-(034, 026)is Valcourt.

There are a few minor encounters along the way, but this is the order that I did these towns. They will garner you some supplies and knowledge. See if these help.

* O-(014, 171) is my way of designating the Outdoor, 'O', location.


PS: I strongly recommend that you are keeping notes of any and all of these events.

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Ok so thanks for the help and I appreciate that you can't give me the walkthrough. That just means I'll have to keep pestering you for help on this thread!


Basically, I've explored the whole map now but I'm not sure how to progress with the main storyline. It's probably my fault for not saying the right things to the right people but I am a bit stuck now.


I'm a bit worried that in the Forest Tower, I killed Dame Alana without realising. I've since spoken to her in Dosquet (despite having killed her!) and she thanked me for rescuing her from the tower but didn't give me much useful information. Should I have got some information from her when I rescued her that will help me advance the storyline? What did she say in the Forest Tower that I missed?


Apart from that there's the pirates that the Mayor of Lemurie tells me about but that I can't find. She says they're on an island in the lake but there's nothing on the one island that I can see. If you could tell me how to complete this mission that would help. She seemed reluctant to talk about the prison and whether whe had made the right decision; hopefully helping her with the pirates will make her talk?


There's also a secret passage in Rahaxy, (the central part) at the bottom of the map which I can't seem to find a way into. Does someone need to tell me about it before I can get in or am I just being dumb?


Lastly, there's a closed shop in Dosquet, owned by Anvie, that is closed and I can't get into. Noone tells me where she's gone just that she's got a boyfriend from Rahaxy. Where can I find her?


Thanks for helping.


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re: Dame Alana.

If you talked to Dame Alana she should have told you about the people who "found some kind of artifact - an animal skin of some kind. They built an altar over it, and then built this fort around the altar. If you sanctify the altar and destroy the animal skin, you will also destroy this cult. Then I will finally be able to escape."


re: Countess of Lemurie.

Go to Plaingate and free Duke Carlo. She gives you a key to the Prison. After you have freed him, take him to Cedar Haven, her house on the Isle de St. Simon. It is on the other side of Lake Soleil. Use that house as a base. You will be able to store items there and rest up. In order to get in, you need to go to the little hut near the house. Do not even try the door, it will not open. But go around the back of the hut to find the secret door. Pull the lever inside, and you will be able to enter the house. After you have done that, return to her to report.


re: Secret Passage.

Don't bother with that for now, it will come into the Story-Line later. (It probably should have been 'hidden'.)


re: Anvie's Shop.

I need to spend more time reading the Walk-Through to condense the answer to this and get it right. Also, we're in the middle of having a garage built and I keep getting interrupted. I'll get back to you later, I promise. For now, the Duke Carlo mission should keep you busy.

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Let's see if any of this makes sense, or helps some.

In his “Hints” the Author explains that you are first given a task to clear out an area and then suggests that you investigate the entire countryside, before actually taking on the “Main Quest”.

You will start in a town named, “Lotegn”, in the northwest of the ‘World of Rahaxy’. From there, I worked my way south in the west section, north in the center section and then south again in the east section. By then I felt I had learned enough about all the areas so I would know where to go as the Story Line developed.

I'm just asking if you did explore the entire countryside and keep notes of who, and what you learned. Taking notes is VERY important.


Hoping that the previous reply was of some help, here's what should be the answer/help to "Anvie's Shop.


In Dosquet, you'll find that Anvie's Shop is locked.

@ 18, 28: Mess, speak with "Cookie" at 12, 20 and ask about "Anvie". He'll tell you she has a boyfriend somewhere

in Rahaxy.

Again, still in Dosquet, @34, 43: Port Authority, speak with Walter @ 35, 39.

Ask, "Anvie" and he'll tell you they've been business partners, and to mention his name.

Ask, "Carlo" and he suddenly becomes quiet, scribbles something on a piece of paper and hands it to you, saying, "Please leave now".

Read the note, (Special Items, "Use" it).

Return to Dosquet and Anvie's Shop; it should now be open for you.

Search everything you can, including a Knitting Basket @ 12, 37.

In the basket, you'll find, (and take), a Six-Sided Stick and a Tape Measure.

Again, in your Special Items, "Use" them.

They are a Puzzle. If you have a problem with it, give a whistle.

Lastly, I'm sorry I was slow getting back, but the Garage is coming along very nicely. ;^}


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