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Webs -> 0 AP, should this be changed?

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If you don't have +speed items for your PCs, then even very weak web-throwing monsters can kill your party easily - or at least make the game very, very slow. This is especially true of small parties and singletons.


Maybe webbing should be changed so that it never brings anyone below 1 AP? It does seem a bit unfair to me otherwise - like paralysis ray, only it can't be resisted and never wears off.


I guess this would be somewhat game-changing, but IMHO the original behavior is broken. And spiders would still give me some pause for thought even with a 1 AP limit.

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I think they already decided to change this, but I'm probably wrong like I always am. I know that by CBoE 05.02.2011 the web thing was somewhat changed. If a single character that's active has webs that reduce their AP to 0, then the whole party will become active. I don't remember it that well, I'll need to check it again.


One thing: Webs driving you down to 0 AP is pretty realistic. I mean, if a giant spider tossed hundreds of webs at you without you having enough time to take them off, wouldn't you be stuck? And I'm talking fresh webs, not the old dusty kind that you can see.


Hmmm...Maybe after x amount of moves, the level of webs affecting you can go down by 1. This would have the effect of dust gathering onto the webs and making them have a weaker hold on you. Too much?

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The real web issue is when you meet enemies who throw webs nearly every turn, but who can't damage you. The game can easily get stuck in an infinite loop, then.

This could be solved by having some sort of "end turn" thing if you're unable to move (I'm thinking of what Civilization does).

Don't change actual game mechanics unless absolutely necessary; change interface first.
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i got stuck in a web infinite loop thing once, i was playing a singleton so it ended up skipping me every time because i couldn't move. And it wouldn't let me click anything while the spiders were doing their turn.


After 15 minutes of watching my guy get buried under webs, i forcekilled BoE.

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That does present a problem & I've been there myself. If only they creature could've killed you in 5 minutes or less...


Seriously, I mean no offense, but playing a single guy, which epic, is supposed to have drawbacks... If everyone gets webbed, you're kinda screwed. I honestly see no reason to change that.


That said, it would be nice if it would at least have break where you could open menus & you're in a can't be free loop so you can try again. Or just exit the combat. Being paralyzed has the same issue only your AP doesn't go down it just instantly stops you from being able to do anything.

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