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I've been trying to remember some of the riddles and puzzles the first three games put you through, and the search function hasn't really been helpful. Everyone just posts the answers to the riddles.


Rather than having to play through all the games to find said riddles, could you guys help me out? I'm looking for ANY memorable puzzles/riddles.



hellishly cruel laser & mirrors


There's one about a coffin, shield, crown, and whatnot...

One where you have to destroy all these barrels/crates by pushing them into water

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I do it because of the force of tradition, and you can't take my sniper rifle, so there's no point in considering what would happen.


—Alorael, who also recommends using the right kind of dash for these signatures. Actually, he recommends not using them, as part of his gimmick's gimmick is uniqueness, but if you're going to do it try to do it right.

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