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avernum vs. exile


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I'm trying to decide which blades game to buy. I have played and beaten avernum 4 and 5 and am working on 6. I played one of the blades games around 2004. It was fun but I quickly ran out of scenarios. It looks like they both have a lot now. What's the pros and cons of each and which do you personally find more fun. Thanks.

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You can get Blades of Exile free now that it's open source, and I personally like the old exile-style graphics much better that the A1-3/BoA ones.


I don't have the download link(s) handy, but there's a few updated versions of BoE that have bugs fixed and new features and whatnot. (I'm not sure, but I think they're different depending on whether you're using Mac or Windows.)


I'm afraid I don't own Blades of Avernum, so I can't really provide much of a comparison as far as scenario quality goes - but I'd say you can't go wrong with BoE. And since it's free you could always buy BoA too.


Maybe even try your hand at making a scenario or two. We can always use new designers. :-D

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In 2004 I beleive that BoA would have just been released, and so it had only the Spiderweb scenarios, plus one or two player made scenarios. There are definitely enough BoA scnearios now to keep you busy for a good period of time, although there are still far fewer than there are for BoE.


My personal preference is for BoA: It matches the original Avernum trilogy look and feel that was my first exposure to Spiderweb's games, and in a number of ways its interface is significantly more mature and polished than the older BoE. I've tried playing BoE on several occasions and have always given up because I can't stand things like its dialog system.


Advantages for BoE:

-It is free

-There are many scenarios, a number of which are considered quite highly quality.

-Making scenarios for it is reputed to be much easier, simply because there aren't as many details and different components to worry about.

-Since it is open source a few people around here are making efforts to improve it; fixing bugs and adding some new features.

-In terms of gameplay it offers a somewhat wider variety of features (things like a larger list of spells and mechanics like dual weilding and weapon poisoning).

Disadvantes of BoE:

-The game engine is fundamentally rather old, although the community has been making efforts to patch it up.

-The game has some rather. . . idiosyncratic aspects, like its dialog system and overall graphical look. Some people swear by these things and others hate them.

-There is very little activity among designers and players


Advantages for BoA:

-The game engine has a number of fundamental improvements like a completely different dialog system.

-The graphics are in a newer, isometric style.

-Although still limited in many ways, the game gives designers a good deal of additional freedom to control how their scenarios work. (There are also a number of tools to help designers design, a good chunk of which are maintained by, well, me.)

Disadvantages for BoA:

-The game is closed source and Spiderweb is not interested in spending effort to fix bugs, so the non-trivial number of bugs it has remain. (This is mainly a concern for designers, rather than players, but still.)

-Some people vehemently disapprove of its graphical style (shared with A1-A3).

-Some aspects of gameplay are a bit simplified from BoE (smaller list of spells, no dual weilding, etc.).

-There are fewer scenarios, although there are still a substantial number which are worth playing.

-Activity among designers and players is higher than BoE, but still not high.


My recommendations: BoE is free, so just try it out. The demo for BoA is free (although it unfortunately allows access to only one scenario), so you might as well take another look at it to decide whether you want more in a similar vein.

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Originally Posted By: icelizarrd
Originally Posted By: Less Than Three
i read the title and feared that the worst had come upon us...
Hmm, an Avernum/Exile crossover "universe battle" scenario?

(Of course, they occupy close to the same universe anyway, don't they?)
Exile has bigger partys, is able to cast quickfire, dual-wield, and has bashing weapons. In a war between Exile and Avernum, Avernum would get beaten to a pulp.
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In a war between Exile & Avernum, Geneforge would win because it cheats better. Debate over. Moving on.


I honestly don't like the Isometric look, but I bought A1-BoA & still enjoyed them because of the differences, namely certain advances in the interface & the new ways to interact with the world. Both BoA & BoE are good games & worth playing.

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