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Obscure A2 bug: Redecorate Avernum!

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I discovered by accident that if you have this in your game notes you can temporarily redecorate almost any town in Avernum:


Click to reveal..


Looking at it in your notes causes the primary walls in whatever town you're in to switch to the Vahnatai wall set. I have to say that the Spiral Pit looked a lot nicer that way.


Screenshots exist, but unfortunately I seem to be unable to upload them. frown


and here they are:


Click to reveal..


Click to reveal..


Click to reveal..
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Thank you, Dikiyoba, but both Photobucket and ImageShack want me to update my browser. I can do that for free, but not without also updating my OS, which is most definitely not free. And I'm not even sure it's possible/practical, as I'm on a Mac Mini.


1 GB really seemed like a lot at the time. laugh

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Originally Posted By: Randomizer
Or a computer filled a large room
Only one room? The largest computer (in terms of physical size, anyway) I've ever seen up close actually took up two whole floors in an office building.

Then again, remember the ENIAC?
a bug in a computer was an actual insect.
I forgot all about that one. That's how we got the term "debugging": someone had to go inside the room where the computer was and kill the insects that had taken up residence. Maybe they used a manual debugging tool similar to this one. wink
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