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Has anyone done any sort of comprehensive survey on what the statuses actually do? (Or is this in the docs somewhere [ha ha]?) Even as a player, I've never been terribly clear on the difference between, say, Asleep and Paralysis, nor have I really known what Enfeebled does that Curse doesn't — or Drunk, for that matter. Frankly, I don't know what Terrified does, either, and I only half-remember Berserk.


Anyone know?

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Asleep - can't move or dodge, but you wake up when you're damaged.

Paralyzed - same as asleep but you don't recover when you're damaged.

Enfeebled - removes strength. I'm not sure about the duration or the amount of strength removed.

Curse - makes the target less likely to hit things with melee and missile attacks. I'm not sure if it affects damage or not.

Berserk - makes the target take and deal additional damage.


You can find the majority of this stuff in the Order Form docs, along with spell descriptions and the exact amount of damage they do. On an additional note, sanctuary can be broken through by the player if used on a monster.

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