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Min-Maxing in N:R

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Strategy Central is pretty bare when I went for a look, I was wondering if anyone had some things to keep in mind for Min Maxing, both Celt and Roman sides? I'm really not sure where to put my skill points, in terms of what will be trainable later.

I assume it's always safe to add points to the primary stats, STR DEX INT END. What else have I got to work with? I've seen Health circle, I think there was a War circle trainer, not sure about druidism. I believe there was also a melee weapons trainer, one for Hardiness and Defense.


I plan to do whatever it takes to make the money to train these all to max before investing skill points, for a whole party. I am well aware that this may mean killing 1.24 million boars in the woods.


As always, and help would be incredibly appreciated.


PS: Looking for all the information to Min Max is always tiresome. Anyone feel like helping me make some guides? I usually spend about 3 hours researching all my options in any of the Geneforge games =S

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From Synergy's Item List




TRAIN: Woodscraft, Barter, First Aid, Herbcraft, Hardiness, Defense — Bituitus — C [Very Reasonable]


TRAIN: Health Circle 3120g for L3, 3900 for L4 [slightly Expensive]


MOIRA — C — Improve Druidism / Health Circle / War Circle / Beast Circle / Craft Circle [CELTS: Expensive]




GNAEUS — NW — Training Halls — Healing Elixir, Haste Elixir (1st Runic Scroll)

GNAEUS — NW — Training Halls — TRAIN: Woodscraft +1 (2nd Runic Scroll)

GNAEUS — NW — Training Halls — TRAIN: First Aid +1 (3rd Runic Scroll)

GNAEUS — NW — Training Halls — TRAIN: Faerie Lore +1 (4rd Runic Scroll)

GNAEUS — NW — Training Halls — TRAIN: Druidism +1 (5th Runic Scroll)


For both:

LIBRARIAN — E of FAERIE BAZAAR — TRAIN: Melee, Berserker, Hardiness, Defense, Druidism, Herbcraft, Tool Use, Faerie Lore [ROMANS: Exorbitant/CELTS: Pretty Average]


MORDEN’S LESSONS — C — TRAIN: Melee, Spears, Javelins, Slings, Hardiness, Defense — [Exorbitant]

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So far, I've just recieved permission to go West, and gotten my curse from the Crones.

It was incredibly difficult managing without spells, so I trained a single rank in Druidism in one of my characters, and bought her a level of health circle so she can cast cure minor wounds.

All the training is going to cost a LOT of money, but my melee and my ranged characters are doing fine just armor use and high base stats, so I'll focus on getting spells first. My ranged character has a dex of 11!


I've had to skip any door with a strength of 15, and have only been able to open a few trapped chests, given that I can't disarm them at all. I'm going to have to go back through every dungeon in the east and get stuff I missed.

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I have never needed or wanted to min-max. I just use skill points to boost combat and magic. Trainers I leave till later, except for Cormac’s spells.

Masochism makes for an interesting alternative to magic use but it is not for me. With the conventional way of handling it you have a party that is powerful enough for all the challenges at hand.

I have one Druid go high and acquire the highest level Health and War spells as soon as he can. The other goes broad and sacrifices stats to obtain Spirit Ceremony at the start of the game. (He has a 3 in all magic use stats, as I recall Spirit Ceremony requires a 3 in all magic stats.)

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