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Best bang for your (essence) buck in G1?

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In G1, unlike in the other games, the answer is: all of them!


Seriously, in G1, there is relatively little difference between most creations in terms of stats. Additionally, since creations get better bonuses from being created at high level than from getting there via experience, you can run disposable creations always and change creation types whenever you feel like it.


You can either pump fire shaping for cryoa, drayk, cryodrayk goodness; or magic shaping for early artila, support vlish (including terror vlish) the entire game (note: vlish do have a weaker attack in G1), and potentially glaahks. Battle isn't horrible since melee attacks are still d8 in G1, but the lack of range is inconvenient, and battle alphas match up poorly to the other tier 3 creations.

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