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A1-3 and BoA - Shopkeepers

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There's a question I would like to ask about shopkeepers in the first Avernum trilogy and BoA. Do the shopkeepers ever restock their items? I recently bought all the Energy Potions/Elixirs I could find in shops plus all the alchemy ingredients I could find in them. Not sure if I'll ever need more now, but I'd just like to know.

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The only one that restocks is Silverlocke if you buy her entire inventory. In A3, Levy in Fort Emergence is supposed to have an infinite supply of items for purchase including items that you sell him. I never tried either of these.


Unless you really waste potions, you should have enough for the game.

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My figures for Silverlocke's stock in A3 are:

Knowledge Brew: 20

Restoration Brew: 15

Protection Brew: 20

Heroic Brew: 16.


These figures came from a section starting at offset 15,246 in a save file made at the beginning of the game. I calculate 130 shop item records, each of 50 bytes. These records list the items sold by each shop, Silverlocke is shop #3, with numbering starting at 0.

At offset 21,746 you have 130 records showing what number of items each shop has for sale. (If the shop sells items rather than spells, skills or recipes.)

I figure "100" means that the item is never sold out. There are an awful lot of 100s in the file.

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