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Scenario Release: Pilgrimage to Thrakos


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Okay, PtT was my submission for the Randomized Scenario Contest, so now that it's over I'm releasing it publicly. All permission is given to post it in the reviews here and/or the ones at SV (are they still there?) and to rehost this scenario as long as proper credit blah de freaking blah.


As far as I can tell, it needs CBoE. It might work with sumpin else, let me know if it works. Y'all know how this works, so imma shut up and paste a url.


Enjoy Enjoy.

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Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
Originally Posted By: Sylae Corell
As far as I can tell, it needs CBoE.
Is there some specific reason to assume this, or is it just because that's what you used to make it?

I used CBoE 1.1 to make it, and it uses at least one of the new calls, namely the Display Picture one that takes a pic from thrakos.exr (not sure how old Blades will take that). There mighta been other things too, I can't remember though.
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I've just checked, the only Classic BoE specific node used is indeed Display Picture (by the way, that's the first "non-testing" use of this node i know of, don't hesitate to report any weirdness).


Concerning "Old Blades", it will simply do nothing for this node and skip to the next (if any). The scenario is then basically compatible with vanilla BoE, provided the player is told (in the readme for example ) to manually check the picture at the right moment, if they are essential to the plot.


Also, a word of warning : don't play the game with Classic BoE 1.1 (using both editors is ok) as it has a rather inconvenient bug that prevent lots of variables to be moved to zero (e.g infinite bless, haste, poison, webs, ...).


Anyway, nice to see a new scenario wink



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