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Luck Stat and Item List

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I have recently had to restart my Geneforge 2 game from the beginning because of some computer problems and I decided to try a different route with my Shaper. I pumped up his Luck stat at the beginning figuring to get the most benefit as possible at low levels and see what happens. I can say that after clearing the first 7 areas, I have noticed a huge difference in the drops from monsters.


I have gotten some items I never knew were in the game like (Fyoraskin Cloak and Fyoraskin Shield) just to name a few off the top of my head. Additionally, I am seeing random item drops from the lowest level monsters who I have NEVER seen drop anything before. Some of the items dropping from Fyora's, Thada's and even rats have been coins, rings, shields, wands and gems. As many times as I have played this game, I have never seen these things drop before and I now believe firmly that the "Luck" stat is very under appreciated by many players.


Also, call me crazy and a waste of time but I am compiling a list of items and the sell prices that shop keepers offer for the items. It is making the game much more fun for me and I enjoy this type of meticulous data gathering. I have done some testing in past games to see if joining/leaving sects effects the selling price on items and from what I can see it does not. However, being in a sect does have an effect on the price if you BUY am item but it does not seem to change if you sell an item. I will do further tests to re-confirm.


If this item list is good enough, whatever moderator/s may want to post it with the game above so new players can see what is valuable and what is not. Just a though.

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I believe you guys about all the test and stuff but this just seems like such a crazy coincidence that the one time I decide to use Luck these things start to happen with such frequency.


Oh well, maybe I am just that lucky. I can't wait to get my double Plated Clawbug attackers! Going to go through the entire game with those 2 guys.

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