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Change Archery???

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There are numerous "Range" Weapons, including many of the Spells. Archery was a dominant weapon during the time period these sort of weapons were "Common" and it still is today.

Check the historical records of the French and English battles; I belive Againcourt was one, although my history isn't all it should be.

I think that once you get used to Archery, you'll find it to be an almost necessary part of your armament.


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While bows were a very common weapon in medieval/renaissance times, at least in the scope of most fantasy literature, their impact is often overstated. If you look at say, the battle of Towton (War of the roses) both sides had enormous numbers of longbowmen shooting at each other, perhaps 20,000 on each side, and they still managed to deal insufficient damage to break each other. It was a cavalry charge at the end that really broke the Lancastrian side's back.

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To actually answer the question... Yes, it is possible to make the change. In fact, I always wanted at least a 3rd damage option with archery, because meh & awesome just isn't varied enough. Being able to just set the range like you can with melee damage is the perfect adjustment.


Unfortunately, I'm not sure exactly how much would have to be changed to make it work, though, but I don't think it'd really be that much.

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