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Node Terminology

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I thought I was all right with languages in general, but the Editor has me stumped with a term.

When one calls a Node that states, "Have Item With Class", and extra 1a states, "if has item of this special class", then in the window, one puts a number for the item.

My question is; what does "of this special class" mean?

I presume that "special" means it is in the "Special Items" Group and one puts the Item Number in the window.

I just can't understand the term, "class".

Any help?



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No, "special class" is a property that can be set for a normal item, in the item-editing window. An item's special class number has to match the number you're checking for in order for the "Have Item with Class" check to pass.

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Originally Posted By: Ahbleza
Then, "with Class" indicates the specific Item Number?

Not exactly...
In a scenario, items (not Special Items) have several properties (which you can modify under the Edit Items menu) going from item level to number of charges to weight. One of these properties is called "Special class" (last field in the Edit Item window) and is the one you should check.

A quick example : let's say the party encounters a certain mammal from Caerbannog and must possess the adequate item to survive the encounter.
First you must create an item (or modify an existing one) with the property "Special Class" set to X (X between 1 and 100). Then, put a special in your nodes chain, that checks if the party has an item with Special Class X : if False the party is viciously slaughtered by the deceivingly harmless beast; if True the party manages to bring divine retribution to the fluffy, yet vorpal, bunny.

Note that there's also a special that checks if the party has an equipped item with given "Special Class".

Hope it helps,
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