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Need help with the series

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I know that you technically don't need to know anything from the other games to understand the story, but I always like to start at the beginning of the stories.


But I hear that 1-3 is one series and 4-6 is a different one, is this true? Do things from the first 3 come back in the later 3, or is it completely different outside of the world.

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Originally Posted By: Dikiyoba
Yeah. It might be a good idea to download 1 and 4 and play each demo for a little bit just so you know whether you like both engines or not. Some people strongly prefer one over the other and don't get much out of struggling to play the set they don't like.


But regardless which one you like better, I would still start with the beginning in A1. Following a story from beginning to end is better than starting from the middle and then trying to find something from before.

Mind you, the storyline is somewhat flawed. There are some mistakes here and there, but the story is still wonderful.

I enjoy the Avernum's a lot and will continue to for some time!

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