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Beta Call - The Crusaders


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Okay, the scenario still has some last touches to be done, so don't expect to actually receive the scenario for a week or two if you sign up. However, I think I would like to start collecting testers for the scenario.


Some notes about the scenario:


1. It uses a pre-fab party.


2. Combat is very difficult, and is designed for more experienced players.


3. This scenario is rated R for some dark situations.


4. I will be expecting my testers to do a bit more than just play the scenario and point out problems.


If the above three statements are okay with you, and you would like to test, provide this information:


Name, that you wish to be credited as.

Email (can PM me if you don't want to post it publicly)

BoE Playing Experience


That's all I can think of, so let me know if you're interested. I'd like to get about five testers, but I don't know how many people still play this game. Either way, this will probably be my last scenario as there's little interest in BOE now.



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I guess I'll send you the scenario and see what you can do with it (after I finish alpha-testing). You may wish to cheat and play with a god party. The thing is, the scenario was designed similar to some of the later BoE scenarios, which the audience was experienced players who want something different from the standard Blades engine. I'm starting to think this scenario may have been a mistake, since those people are no longer around.


If another 24 Hour contest emerges, I may make a simple scenario and enter that.

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I'm not sure how good of a tester I'd be, but if you can give me some pointers I can give it a try. (I'm afraid I came too late to the BoE party, and haven't had any formal interaction with the community. Apart from some graphics work for CM, but that doesn't really count.)



mistb0rn -at- aol.com

Average; I've played two or three of Alcritas', several TM, and a bunch of other less memorable ones; but nowhere near all there is available.

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Post it when you're ready.

We'll see what comes of it.


The "pros" may have moved on, but there are still a few of us who'll give 'er a go.

Besides, we can help each other.



I have something like 348 Scenarios, (some are duplications). No one could have truly, properly, 'Played' them all.

Duck, Ice and Slith; I doubt you can be as bad as me who's still stuck in the MS-DOS era. ;^{


Let's see what happens.

Again, post it when ready,


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