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Help with Athron :(


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Hey smile


I'm a bit silly and whilst lurking around in Athron's lair, I killed one of her broodlings. Now I can't talk to her without being attacked thus not being able to complete this quest (if that's the word).


Is it absolutely necessary for me to finish the quest? Does Athron forget after a while? I've tried using the editor to make the towns forget me etc. but nothing seems to work!



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If you've killed one of Athron's babies, she's going to remain angry at you forever. Fortunately, you don't need the dragons' help.


—Alorael, who doesn't even find the reward especially useful. It's a sword that's good at killing beasts. Most other swords can fill in.

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I havent played Exile 3 in a long time, but in Avernum 3 the editor would reset all towns, so Athron should go back to normal... I think. Im quite certain you dont need to finish that quest, which is a good thing since Athron isnt going to forget the fact you killed one of his/her/its kids.


Second time today that ive been sniped...

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