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Of Good and Evil - The Symposium


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In the "Accept" Section:

When you are allowed into Thasmaskon, enter the door at 22, 21 to speak with Sovash-Thinox. Cast, "Unlock" on the Magically Locked door at 25, 20 and battle two Ice Puddings. Go through a Secret Passage at 21, 18 to a Private Library. Look at the Bookcase at 29, 17 and 'Take' the Book there, it's "The Symposium".

In the "Refuse" Section:

Once inside the Slith Fort, you have to battle your way to the southeast corner to a door at 54, 51 to enter a Foyer.

Enter the door at 46, 50 to the Office of Sovash-Thinox and battle him, a Guard and a Doomguard.

At 41, 45 is a Bookcase with a Book you need to 'Take', it's "The Symposium".

Hope this helps,


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I've finished it now, damn that dragon took some time to ley down but I took him on the first shot(lucky!), I've choosen "Refuse" and finaly "No" so the protogras the wiz came and it was funny he was still blaming the other mage for everything that happend - lol ,what sculpture contests does to mages today.. smile


btw should i go redemption now?

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You said you played, "Refuse", but didn't mention, "Accept". Although the Story-Line takes place in the Vale, much of the adventure takes place in completely different locations. Al has literally put two Storys in one Scenario. I'd suggest you play the other half.

After that, 'Heirs of Thesius' is a short and relatively easy "spin-off" from OG&E and should be played.

'Staff of Kayolith' is a rather difficult Scenario, but will give you a lot of the history of Al's "World".

Further, because one Author has written this Series, all the characters and events flow together in the overall view. Some will appear in other Scenarios, as good writing will often do, and you will gain a better and deeper understanding of what Al is trying to tell us.

I find it difficult to not go into detail about what will or will not happen in these Scenarios, so I guess I'll just say again; play them all, in the order Al suggests and keep notes of people, places and things. Not only are these Scenarios all well made, but you should find even greater satisfaction once you put the entire history together, including Al's subliminal message about social conflict.

IMNSHO, these Scenarios are equivalent to reading a really good major novel, as that's what they truly are. ;^}


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the last boss on Staff of Kayolith, that lich soljare...


what do i do against him? he got like 2300hp and immune to all+avatar.


can't deal with him with magic and my melee do like max 40 per party turn which make it impossible to kill before being killed.


how did you pass him? :x


btw my party averge lvl 33~ only my first member is 50.


edit: ahh i have to dispel him kek. will give it a try tongue


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This Scenario is another of those "Endurance Trials".

You'll probably need to make a "Save" here; return all the way back to the surface, sell everything necessary to load, (I mean LOAD), up on Energy Potions.

Suffer the debilitations all the way back down.

Before you enter, Heal and Restore Hit and Spell Points and then rely on Anti-Magic Cloud, Major Blessing and Cure Dumbfound Until the Booger dies.

Al not only writes really quality Stories, but some really dastardly duels. If you'll remember, he always starts a Scenario with something that would drive a lesser Player right out of the thing. ;^{

Be patient, be strong, be merciless!


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mmmph. well i kinda tried to get him with "cheating"(restoring hp/mana) just to see if he be brought down and it seems his demons spells getting absorbed into hit points, as i checked on him "scry monster", so i must kill it with antimagic and then Melee only??, i don't do any dmg to it with melee smirk

ok ill try the <bring to corridor - kill minions 1 by 1 - save - restore - load - and 5v1 boss with that method>


ill report back!

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