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BoA references


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Not the deepest topic, but it popped into my head and refuses to leave.


We get many obvious references to all the previous full-length Avernums in A6 - to Hawthorne, to the Empire-Avernum war, to Rentar Ihrno, to the Time of Shades, and to Loyalists. I noticed that we also get passing references to Jeff's BoA scenarios, and I assume he went for one each.


Off the top of my head, Sage Asta (or maybe another wizard) mentions that waste can be dangerous when left to rot, as seen in a certain school on the surface. (Valley of Dying Things) Nichol (or maybe another grizzled sergeant) says he fought in the Za-Khazi Campaign. (Za-Khazi Run) I vaguely remember a reference to civil strife on the surface that used the words "small rebellion". (A Small Rebellion)


Anyone else remember that last one? And anyone catch a Diplomacy with the Dead reference?

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