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Vahnatai Architecture?

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Hmm. That's true, Ghikra was distinctive.


However, all the towns in the Olgai tribe homeland in Exile 2 looked just like regular towns. They didn't use Vahnatai walls or anything, and the layouts of Olgai and Egli were not that different from the layouts of Almaria and the Tower of Magi, really.

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Originally Posted By: Dintiradan
Just download the A3 demo and go to the vahnatai town in the demo.

Really, as long as you use the vahnatai wall/door set, and be sure to include lots of crystals, vahnatai hammocks and cabinets, and funky trees, you're good.

Pools of water are very popular, too. Having the outdoors feature prominently (as in parks and such) works well, too. I suppose that the "point" of vahnatai architecture is to create a feeling of lightness and openness, as opposed to cramped or restricted town designs that try to cram as much things in there as possible.

I would recommend using a larger town that you think necessary (48x48 instead of 36x36, 36x36 instead of 24x24, etc) in order to help create the atmosphere.
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