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Trying to do the impossible... Or the insane.

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Newbie that I am, I am attempting to port as much of Classic BoE as a I can to Java, starting with the character editor.


(Or rather, attempting to rewrite it in Java, because the code looks like an untranslatable procedural mess to me.)


I don't necessarily expect it to reach any level of functionality even this year, especially if I get another job sooner rather than later (and I'm fervently hoping I do). But I figure I'll at least learn something, even if I fail miserably.


One concession I'm giving myself: I won't maintain savefile compatibility unless I absolutely have to. I will maintain scenario compatibility for obvious reasons, assuming I actually get that far. Which is looking less likely by the minute. But in the worst case I learn more about Java, so I figured, why not?


Anyway I just thought I ought to mention this (probably ill-fated) venture to the people here, on the off chance I might get some useful advice out of it, or something.

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Well, so far I've got the PC and Item classes mostly done for the PC Editor, as well as a "Retriever" class to fetch stats and other variables by name. The big hurdle seems to me to be file IO, since I haven't done much of that before and BoE savefiles are...weird.


I may never get the actual game port (let alone the scenario editor) done. However, even failing that, a really powerful CLI interface for editing PCs and items (which is what I intend for the PC Editor replacement) would be cool, so for now that's what I've set my sights on.

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Originally Posted By: Miramor
The big hurdle seems to me to be file IO, since I haven't done much of that before and BoE savefiles are...weird.

They aren't really weird but they are not handled in a very Java-like style. For extra fun, they are (traditionally, at least) also not portable.
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Well, in that case,


I'm into Java much more than C++ now.

Yeah. It would be a good idea. Imo.

I'd totally work with you. If I have spare time.

Which I do not. But it sounds like a good idea.

Then again, I think a lot of ideas are good

and the ideas either sink or quagmire.

I'm not sure if that's a verb, but it gets the idea across.



Java would be easier. Or harder. Or both.

Or all 3.



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In retrospect, I think giving up was the right decision. I can code, but I'm still very much a novice when it comes to design and whatnot, and design is half the work (and would be a major issue when porting a procedural program to Java).


Maybe I'll attack it some time down the road, when I know more about the design aspects of programming, because it would be cool to have BoE in a web applet... But probably not.

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