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"Mighty Eight Ball"


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* Note that this is an edited, or cleaned-up copy from the Lyceum just before it crashed. Hope it helps to understand the Nordaker history.



The Mighty Eight Ball will answer all.... most... perhaps some... of your questions about the Arc! What? Can this be true? Yes, the Mighty Eight Ball will finally tell you what the frack is going on! There are two rules, however:


1. Only questions in this topic will be answered by the Mighty Eight Ball.

2. Only "historical" questions will be answered; historical in the sense that they can't ask about anything that occurs after the end of ‘Tomorrow’. The Mighty Eight Ball cannot see the future.

3. If & When this topic hits 100, the Mighty Eight Ball will answer no more questions.


Questions & Answers.


Q1: How much time elapsed between being turned to stone and reanimated in Tomorrow?

(Hey, it fits the criteria, just.)

A: Roughly 20 years.


Q2: What are the materials Kaleb and Alcritas speak of in Signs and Portents?

And what is the Codex?

A: Works of Cyrantheus, including the Codex.

A: A particularly powerful tome of Cyrantheus' works.


Q3: Did Kaleb pull Kriken out of the Abyss?

A: No.


Q4: What did Sajon discover had happened to Kaleb when he returned from the shrine?

A: Kaleb's death and transformation.


Q5: How the heck did that inept idiot of an apprentice in Apology become so powerful?

A: Forty years of war, apprenticeship to one of the greatest magi in history, enormous access to the works of Cyrantheus.


Q6: What happened to the banner when Xancrest was sacked?

A: The banner was not at Xancrest when it was sacked.


Q7: What is actually in Kaleb's grave?

A: Kaleb's Body.


Q8: Is Kathy the potion seller still okay?

A: No.


Q9: How did Hawkslayer fall in with Kraijek?

A: They met before the war.


* And now for the big one, to finally put my favorite theory to the test:

Q10: Was Cornell really in league with the UNL?

A: No.


Q11: What was Lythandra doing between the end of ‘Apology’ and the end of ‘Tomorrow’?

A: Extremely Little.


Q12: Are Themistocles and Gemini still alive?

A: Yes.


Q13: What has happened in the war while the party was stone?

A: The sun rose, and set. People fell in and out of love. Men died and babies were born. And many other things.


Q14: Who killed the Soothsayer, how, and why?

A: Cyrantheus.

A: A magical trap. A powerful one.

A: Because the trap was triggered.


Q15: Why does the Ettin come back to life when you kill him without Kothax Minoc?

(Okay, that one's a joke. :p)


Q16: Why are the Eleosto sages fixated on Thaynos?

A: The nature of his death, and what he said just prior.


Q17: Has anyone other than Cornell used Elsewhere for time travel?

A: Yes.


Q18: IF the man with Kraijek is Hawkslayer, why can't Diomed recognize him?

A: They didn't know each other that well.


Q19: How did Protagoras betray the Vale, and why?

A: He gave the location/detail of Ithikotita to Sovereign.


Q20: If the Banner has any real power, why hasn't the alliance used it yet?

A: Hatred/Spite.


Q21: Why didn't Sage warn the party he would kill them if they tried to take Cornell's writings?

A: They don't have it.

Edited by: Alcritas: This question is founded upon an incorrect factual basis.


Q22: Why did Sajon want to attack Nordakar?

A: Nordakar attacked the UNL.


Q23: Why is Sage several versions of himself?

A: This question is founded upon an incorrect factual basis.


Q24: In Redemtion, where did the giant wolf creature come from?

A: A wolf mutated by the power of Bane/Andrus.


Q25: Did Lythandra travel to the future via Elsewhere?

A: Yes.


Q26: Do the Rokka ever actually die?

A: Yes.


Q27: Where did the huge Exile-Estique cave labyrinth in Tomorrow come from?

A: Most were naturally formed by geological factors. Some were created by the magical catastrophe that followed the death of Cyrantheus.


Q28: Who is/was the Sage?

A: The essence of Kaleb.


Q29: Why did the Sage want revenge on Cornell?

A: Cornell was and continued to be his enemy, and was responsible for an assassination attempt against him.


Q30: What happened to the works of Cyrantheus after the party was turned to stone?

A: They were recovered/relocated by agents of the UNL.


Q31: What did Thaynos say just prior to his death?



Q32: What was the important thing Thaynos said prior to his death, other than "arrrgh"?

Was he dictating? (j/k)



Q33: Who is Al, and who did he used to be? (I'm sure someone knows this already)

A: A Mage who spent too much time elsewhere.


Q34: Is Sage in league with the UNL?

A: No.


Q35: Specifically why did Cornell want Kaleb dead?

A: Kaleb was a threat and rival to Cornell.


Q36: Why did Cornell want to retrieve the works of Cyrantheus?

A: Power.


Q37: Why did Raven join Cornell?

A: I don't understand your question.


Q38: Why is Sajon waging war on Nordakar and Xancrest?

A: Nordakar and Xancrest declared war on the UNL.


Q39: Where is Themistocles at the end of Tomorrow?

A: Knasses


Q40: Where is Soljaire at the end of Tomorrow?

A: In his hideout, deep within the Konax Caverns.


Q41: What forces are opposing the UNL at the end of Tomorrow?

A: Efarian and rebel forces within UNL controlled territory.


Q42: Does the UNL still exist at the end of Tomorrow?

A: Yes.


Q43: Why did Sage stop us from getting Cyrantheus' works?

A: He did not want you possessing their power.


Q44: Exactly what is the trap that killed the soothsayer designed to be triggered by?

A: Probing into the magics of Cyrantheus.


Q45: In the soothsayer's vision, who is "the man of gold that is somehow more than a man", and who is "the man of rage that is more still"?

A: An Efarian Commander.


Q46: Where is the sword 'Stormseeker' at the end of Tomorrow?

A: Deep within the Konax Caverns.


Q47: What caused Lythandra's disappearance when she went to investigate Meletus' second ship for transporting Anytus (as reported at the end of 'An Apology')?

A: Failure of Teleportal Magics.


Q48: How did Cyrantheus come to be so powerful in comparison to the other Mages of his time?

A: Natural affinity, intelligence, dedication, and a complete lack of scruples.


Q49: Why does Sage say, in Eleosto, that Thaynos was a friend to him?

A: He provided intelligence on Cornell.


Q50: Why does Sage say, in Eleosto, that Thaynos betrayed him, and was no friend?

A: He enabled McNemier to escape.


Q51: Why did Sage allow agents of the UNL to take Cyrantheus' Research but stop the agents of Nordakar/Xancrest?

A: Because of Sajon.

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