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Blades of Exile Reviews FAQ

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Welcome to the Blades of Exile Rewiews forum! This forum is intended as a resource for both designers and players, so that players can decide what to play next, and designers can hone their skills.


Just a note, everything here must abide by the Code of Conduct. Anyone using the review system to attack others will be reprimanded.


How can I find a scenario I want to play?


This is tricky since no two people are alike. However, the comments of others can be helpful. There are a few things that can be helpful in addition to reading everyone's comments.


First, we provide lists of scenarios that a significant portion of the community likes. We have "Top Scenarios", "Quality Scenarios", and "Worthwhile Scenarios" lists to help you find the gems. If you are interested in knowing how we decide what gets on the lists, read below.


Authors are invited to provide "keywords" for the scenarios. These are words or short phrases that attempt to describe the scenario. For example, if you like puzzle scenarios, a good keyword to search for would be "Puzzles".


Finally, there may be a reviewer that you particularly agree with in terms of what makes a good scenario. Reviewers are invited to write profile posts about themselves defining their philosophy in what they look for. The purpose of this is to help people pick scenarios from others who are more like them.


What do I need to know about writing a review?


All you need to do is reply to the scenario thread with comments on how you felt about the scenario. At the end, please give a final rank of one of the following:


5 - Best

4 - Good,

3 - Average

2 - Substandard

1 - Poor


Remember, the main purpose of this forum is to help players and designers. As a consequence, please keep reviews constructive, but honest. The recommended length for reviews is 100 words or more. Reviews that are too short are of little use to people.


How do I get my scenario posted?


We try to add scenarios as they come out, but this may not always happen. An author may reply to this thread asking to have his or her scenario listed. A moderator will then add the scenario and delete the request post.


Also, the author should consider giving a few keywords with the request to help players pick out a scenario they might like. Authors are invited to give the moderators keywords. The keywords may be modified by the moderator to make them fit the pre-existing keywords better or to ensure they are useful. A list of pre-approved keywords is given here.


May I respond to a review of my scenario?


Of course. Please make a separate post for each response and explain why you disagree with the reviewers comments. Remember, the Review Forums are not for discussions. Every person gets one review and the author may respond to each one only once. Of course, editing reviews and responses are permitted.


May I respond to a review of someone else's scenario?


You may, but not here. Take that to the Blades of Exile forum. We want to keep the reviews clean and organized. Having to sift through pages of comments by a lot of people does not make it easy for people to find scenarios.


How do you generate the recommendation lists?


Lists of our best scenarios are provided to help out players and designers. The idea here is that if enough people feel well enough about a scenario, it deserves recommendation. Things are added to the lists only after a minimum of five reviews have been made.


Top Scenarios: At least 30% of the reviews have rated "Best".


Quality Scenarios: At least 75% of the reviews have rated "Good" or higher.


Worthwhile Scenarios: At least 30% of the reviews have rated "Good" or higher.


How do I write a reviewer profile?


After you have reviewed at least five scenarios, you may write a reviewer profile. It should, at very least, include the following:



Favorite Scenarios

What makes a good scenario?


Are old reviews ported?


We're not going to port them just yet. Eventually, we plan to. I would like to have more discussion on how to do this first.


Reviewers are invited to post here. Also, any review posted here will supersede any ported review.


Can I post for others?


Yes. Sometimes reviewers cannot post here directly. They are welcome to designate someone to post in their place.


I noticed something wrong or outdated, how do I fix that?


Send a message to one of the moderators. Please be patient as it may take a few days to get things fixed.

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