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Avernum 2 - Erika's Tower is a deathtrap ?

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Okay, so i went in there, passed all the "puzzles", tests, killed the invisible guardian bunch, and then there are those shamblers which i cannot kill. They kick my ass very fast, faster than i can drink enough healing potions to stay alive, and my mages are completely spent. Tried to go back - those 3 barred gates wont let me through anymore, and there doesnt seem to be a secret way out anywhere. Recall crystals wont work inside...so basically my entire game is screwed now. Nice. Any suggestions to get me out of this tower ?

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Assuming that you do not any energy potions and cannot make any, use the leave town function in the Character Editor. It will erase all your progress in the town but it seems to be the only solution.


You could use the editor to heal your party&&, but you may find that cheating, unsatisfying.

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