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Zombies and ghosts and vampires, oh my!

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"A man's worth isn't determined by what, if anything, is between his femurs!" LOL Well of course that's what lichs and their minions would say. But I'm sure a vamp with 100 harem slaves would disagree.


Actually this is the first time I heard about Xykon but IT(crystal scrying Balls don't count) seems like a swell being.

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Oh god... the mental images... at least the spray would cover up their sparkles. But then if that was true, the Twylight books would look like this:


Vampire: My true form is only visible when I am in contact with sunlight... so i must conceal it with a spray-on tan!

Stupid Girl: What can possibly be so horrible about you that you must cover yourself with orange paint?

Vampire: I SPARKLE.

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Originally Posted By: Nioca
I want to vote, but I have a question: What exactly is the definition of Wraith as an undead creature?

Think ringwraith: A living human transformed into a non-corporeal creature with no vital signs or indications of life, without having actually have died at any point.
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Wraith means ghost, apparition, or specter. More concretely (but still incorporeally), it tends to apply to bodiless (redundant!) undead. Like, you know, ghosts, apparitions, or specters. Tolkien gave them horses and a mission, Jackson gave them shrieking, and D&D gave them constitution drain.


—Alorael, who supposes the drain might also come Weathertop and the long-lasting consequences of Frodo's wound. But also the need to cause irritation to players and use for clerics, clearly.

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Originally Posted By: JSMany
Is everyone here a big fan of Order of the Stick? I guess I needs to start catching up if I want to fit in. Peer pressure and all.
I felt the exact same way went I started playing D&D. The roleplaying jargon didn't throw me off, but the constant references to that webcomic? I simply had to do an archive trawl.

I suppose it's a sibboleth shibboleth for pen-and-paper RPGs now.
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Originally Posted By: Celtic Minstrel
I for one don't read Order of the Stick.

Good for you! I applaud your ability to not give a crap about how others see you. I, on the other hand, is just too insecure to not cave in to peer pressure. Go Xykon!
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Originally Posted By: Thaluikhain
I suppose so...

Gah...just been reminded of that comic where the hero is abducted and sexually assaulted by various Medusa like things, who have snakes instead of hair and not just on their heads.

(Oddly, that was played for laughs. After he escapes, rescues a heroine, and they go rescue all the other heroines and she repeatedly sexually assaults him while he is unconscious, that was also played for laughs. Jim Balent has issues.)

...Tarot, right?
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