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Test of Mind Closed Door + other ?s


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Is the door directly north of the first question/answer set in the test of mind just a red herring, or is there actually a way to open it. It seems kind of funny to have somthing in a place that you can only go to once. Playing through these games again seems to bring up lots of random questions. So another one is for E3. In the northwest of the outside world there is a mission to destroy a kitty stronghold. They are in cave with various puzzles. The second puzzle with crates seems to have no point. What is the point? My last question is again for E3. I read somewhere that there are other places to get quickfire besides Blackcrag. Out of curiosity are there, and if yes where?

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The door in the Test of Mind is just a red herring; there's no way to open it. It may be part of the test in that you'd have to realize that you don't need to open it before you can move on.


Quickfire can only be obtained in Exile 3 by purchasing it from Petrie, in Blackcrag Fortress(unless you use the character editor.)



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