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Exile III: monsters's poll

Sonic 9

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Originally written by Thralni:
The vahnatai are the most evolved race here.
I now get to air a pet peeve by asking what you mean by "most evolved." Everything has been evolving for just as long as everything else, so everything is the most evolved. Unless, of course, you subscribe to vahnatai creatonism.

—Alorael, who could see "most evolved" as "most adapted," except it isn't clear at all that the vahnatai are better matches for their environment than the sliths. The nephilim and humans, of course, are far better adapted to the surface, which is where they live.
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I like to believe that the slimes are a very large, somewhat mutated form of slime mold, a real Earth organism that nobody is really sure which kingdom it belongs to. Some say it's an animal because it moves and attacks things. Some say it's a fungus because it reproduces through spore-producing stalks. Some even say it's a very large protist. Slime molds are awesome, and so are slimes.

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No, the point of golems is that they have this set of instructions that they have to follow to the letter. Very inflexible. Considering intelligence is only displayed by making choices and showing off, it's hard for a golem to be smart and inflexible. (And being able to handle complex situations would un-golem it anyway.)

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