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Exile 2 crypt shrooms


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Where can I find some crypt shrooms? It's been a while since I played and I remember finding some, but I can't remember if it was a regenerating patch or a one-time deal. I need crypt shrooms for weak energy potions (so the alchemy library says) and I haven't been able to find any. The guy that sold me the recipe for weak energy mentioned that a good source of crypt shrooms was east of the great cave, north of the lava field, but the only patch I find in that spot is glowing nettles.

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The northwest patch is the glowing nettles, and there aren't any secret doors in the area that I haven't found.


Oh well. I realized this time I didn't give anyone cave lore, a dumb mistake...I think cave lore was what allowed me to find the shrooms last time (I found them wandering the eastern gallery, not even on a special or anything, totally random and 95% unrepeatable)

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