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A6 - Gssch of the Scourge


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Since he's between life and death, you also must be between life and death to do real damage to him.


Click to reveal..
Move your party -- especially your damage-doers -- next to the pool just north of Gssch, and drink. They will receive a death curse.


Damage Gssch at will. Only those affected by the curse will be able to do serious damage -- I actually left my priest out of the pool scramble, and included a summoned something.


Just before the curse is to wear off, move those affected to the south pool, and drink the cure.


Move north and repeat as necessary. On normal, I think I only needed to drink twice, so it's not an awful cycle.

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It took me a while to figure this one out too. But you can do it the hard way eventually. Even with one character death cursed it is doable.


Invulnerable potion beats death curse usually if you want to skip the cure step, It also helps with the massive damage you can get from Gssch.

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