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Delrin-Bok Puzzle

Dan Davis

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In "Exile 2: Crystal souls" I am having trouble with the Tomb of DelRin Bok puzzle. Apparently you have to place the four levers in a particular order to get past the defenses, and there is a map of the settings in a hidden room. The problem I am having is I can't READ the switch settings, no matter what resolution I set my monitor to. If I set it to very low res the image is too grainy to read and if I set it to anything approaching a normal resolution it is too small to read.


Can anyone tell me what the switches should be set to?

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Nope; it's not working. I can get around to all the switches without any problems; I found all of the hidden doors and dispelled all the barriers. I just cannot find the right combination of switches.


Those ghasts in the southwest corner are becoming a PITA, too. Is there anyway to kill them off permanently?

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