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Northern Isles Game 11


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Thank you everyone for agreeing to play. Here are the ground rules. Only the moderator (me) and people who are playing the game and are alive may post here. Anything else will be instantly deleted.


You should have a PM from me. Please respond to this if you have not done so already to make sure you are active.


The current living players are:


Arctic Fury

Azure Wizard

Bladewarded Mage

Fallen Rook

Haunting Gale

Jade Halberd

Jasmine Rune

Last Acolyte

Lightning Ghost


Nightly Dove

Radiant Pearl

Shadow Tear

Sorrow Scroll

Spddin Ignis

Surefire Arrow


Some ground rules:


1) If you are playing PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES. They have been updated since the last game.

2) Private communication is allowed.

3) Submit your actions to me by way of PM in the thread I started with you. If I cannot figure out what you want to do, I'll simply ignore it, so try to be clear.

4) Actions will be processed in the order they were received when I get around to them. Read the rules for how often you can submit and any other exceptions.

5) Please posts all rules questions in your PM with me or in the rules topics.

6) If you are not playing or dead, please do not influence the game. You may look, but not touch.


Otherwise, the game begins:


Wednesday, January 13 at midnight CST


If you do not communicate with me within 24 hours of me sending it to you, you may be replaced.


Just a reminder, no actions that kill anyone will be processed until after a day has passed.


Also, the game will end at the latest on:


Monday, January 18 at midnight CST


* * *


Unexplored Regions:


Abandoned Mine

Crystal Cove

Dead Swamp

Enchanted Cave

Fang Clan Tunnels

Fang Clan Village

Gladwell's Tower

Haunted Hut

Lizard Den

Mushroom Farms

Northern Docks

Old Warren

Remote Island

Ruined Outpost

Shanker's Ruins -- North Tower

Shanker's Ruins -- Townsite

Shanker's Ruins -- Mine

Stalagmite Field

Sulfurous Alcove

Webbed Cavern


* * *


Moderator Shop


Healing Potion (15)

Scroll of Slow (45)

Shielding Crystal (30)

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Since I don't have anything to lose, I will come out and reveal my role.


I'm Machrone. I can easily verify my identity by telling you what will be on the next newsletter. I'm looking for allies and information to answer my questions.


If there is an Agent in the game, feel free to contact me. You will lose more by killing me than by joining me. I can easily provide you with 2/3 of your victory condition and help you achieve the last.

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The new item based combat system makes attacking people far, far less tempting. Whereas before it was a matter of finding your enemies before they found you and making a move, now you must worry about items. You could do all the work of discovering rolls and planning your attacks, and it would all be for naught if the person turned out to have one more shield or sword than you.

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I'll probably continue to hear offers until tonight, as this game seems rather slower paced than previous ones. Keep in mind you're not just buying my role, but my loyalty for the rest of the game. Or, if I'm a target of yours, then you've bought an easy victory condition, since you need tell my nothing about yourself. You can't lose!

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Shielding Crystal and Disruption Shard for sale. Don't forget, I can accept any unwanted items you may have in exchange as well!


Anyone who has an artifact that thy don't really use, I will pay handsomely to borrow it, drain it, and return it. I'll pay even more to keep it.

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Day 4 is almost over, and I still have some questions I need to answer. I don't have much to offer, but I do know a lot of the roles in the game and I have a few coins. Could you please PM me if you know the answers to any of the following questions?


Q4: Who is one player that is in the Anama (as of answering this question)?



Q5: Who was the first person to attack a Darkside Loyalist?



Q7: Who purchased the spear from the Moderator Shop on day 1?



Q8: Who is the Bound Servant?



Q9: What are the three random roles (slots 14, 15, and 16)?


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