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An OS-independent Exile series?


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Hey, sorry if this has been brought up before but I couldn't find it. I've missed playing Exile 1-3 since the move to MacIntel, and I know that no modern computers, Mac or Windows, can play the older Exile series. I was wondering, rather than call for a newer version specifically for OS X or an open source project, how hard would it be to rewrite the game in Java so it could be hosted online, and played on multiple operating systems?

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It would probably be harder to rewrite the game in Java than it would be to create an OSX-Intel compatible version of the game. Neither is likely to happen, though.


Windows users can run the Exile games, I believe, even in Vista (no idea about Win7 though). Linux users can run the games under WINE, as can Mac users (with CrossOver)*. Mac users can try Basilisk II, CrossOver, or a Windows emulator such as Parallels.



...I wonder if it would work in Win3.1 or Win98 under DOSbox...

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