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Northern Isles Game 10


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Thank you everyone for agreeing to play. Here are the ground rules. Only the moderator (me) and people who are playing the game and are alive may post here. Anything else will be instantly deleted.


You should have a PM from me. Please respond to this if you have not done so already to make sure you are active.


The current living players are:





Doom Warrior








Spddin Ignis



Wz As



Some ground rules:


1) If you are playing PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES. They have been updated since the last game.

2) Private communication is allowed.

3) Submit your actions to me by way of PM in the thread I started with you. If I cannot figure out what you want to do, I'll simply ignore it, so try to be clear.

4) Actions will be processed in the order they were received when I get around to them. Read the rules for how often you can submit and any other exceptions.

5) Please posts all rules questions in your PM with me or in the rules topics.

6) If you are not playing or dead, please do not influence the game. You may look, but not touch.


Otherwise, the game begins:


Saturday, December 19 at 10:00 PM EST


If you do not communicate with me within 24 hours of me sending it to you, you may be replaced.


Just a reminder, no actions that kill anyone will be processed until after a day has passed.


Also, the game will end at the latest on:


Thursday, December 24 at 10:00 PM EST


* * *


Unexplored Regions:


Abandoned Mine

Crystal Cove

Dead Swamp

Enchanted Cave

Fang Clan Tunnels

Fang Clan Village

Gladwell's Tower

Haunted Hut

Lizard Den

Mushroom Farms

Northern Docks

Old Warren

Remote Island

Ruined Outpost

Shanker's Ruins -- North Tower

Shanker's Ruins -- Townsite

Shanker's Ruins -- Mine

Stalagmite Field

Sulphurous Alcove

Webbed Cavern


* * *


Moderator Shop


Chain Mail (45)

Antidote (15)

Blessing Crystal (15)

Chitrach Eggs (45)

Null Rod (15)

Scroll of Slow (45)


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And that is the game. Here is the future of the Northern Isles...


* The Anama handily defeated all of their rivals and established a colony in the Northern Isles. Both the Anama Priest and Micklebur work tirelessly to cleanse any evil magic from the isles and are largely successful for years.

* The Darkside Loyalist threat has been eliminated and Dionicio returns home victorious to a nice well-earned vacation.

* The Adventurer has joined the Anama, who have won, and managed to kill both Gladwell and the Darkside Blademaster. He now lives amongst the Anama, wealthy and famous.

* The Pure Spirit eventually allies with the Anama and is able to recover the Holy Symbol. He helps them on their quest to destroy magic in the Northern Isles.

* The Alchemist's herb growing ability was inadequate to make the potions to reestablish his business. The Anama do occasionally give him work to keep him afloat, but he never achieves any wealth of note and lives in poverty.


Congrats to our winners!






Wz As


Detailed information to follow...

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The game log...


Day 1


Anama Hunter explores Shanker's Ruins: North Tower

Anama Hunter gets Buckler, Blessing Crystal, 10 coins

Shanker receives 20 coins because of exploration

Anama Hunter purchases Cavewood Bow from Moderator

Anama Hunter purchases Sword form Moderator

Domont explores Gladwell's Tower

Domont gets Haste Potion, Fury Crossbow, 10 coins

Gladwell learns Domont's identity

Domont purchases Leather Armor from Moderator

Dionicio explores Enchanted Cave

Dionicio gets Magic Ring, Flaming Sword

Micklebur explores Ruined Outpost

Micklebur gets Leather Armor, Heroic Brew, 10 coins

Anama Priest receives 10 coins for Anama exploration

Micklebur puchases Mace form Moderator

Adventurer explores Fang Clan Tunnels

Adventurer gets Cavewood Bow, Skribbane, 25 coins

Adventurer explores Crystal Cove

Adventurer gets Chainmail, Null Rod

Adventurer purchases Knowledge Brew from Moderator

Anama Priest explores Shanker's Ruins: Mines

Anama Priest gets Buckler, Eye of Hawk, 10 coins

Anama Priest receives 10 coins for Anama exploration

Oliver scans Domont's inventory

Oliver scans Micklebur's inventory

DL Blade explores Old Warren

DL Blade gets Mace, Skribbane, Ivory Skull

Shanker explores Abandoned Mine

Shanker gets Cavewood Bow, Healing Potion, 25 coins

Pure Spirit explores Haunted Hut

Pure Spirit gets Resistance Potion, Shadow Leather

Dionicio gives Shanker Magic Ring

DL Blade examines Dionicio

Shanker protects Adventurer

Gladwell explores Webbed Cavern

Gladwell gets Antidote, Warding Crystal, 25 coins

Machrone examines Anama Priest

Alchemist begins harvesting Gladwell's Tower

Alchemist receives 1 herb

Machrone explores Dead Swamp

Machrone gets Buckler, Explorer's Charm, 25 coins

Gladwell buys Potion of Clarity

Darkside Mage explores Northern Docks

Darkside Mage gets Spear, Crystal Spire


Day 2


Anama Hunter attacks Domont (Battle 1)

Domont defeats Anama Hunter

Domont gets Buckler, Blessing Crystal, Cavewood Bow, Sword

Dionico attacks Domont (Battle 2)

Dionicio defeats Domont

Dionicio gets Haste Potion, Fury Crossbow, Leather Armor, Buckler, Blessing Crystal, Cavewood Bow, Sword

Dionico receives 40 coins

Infiltrator traps Fang Clan Village

Oliver scans Darkside Mage's inventory

Oliver scans Infiltrator's inventory

Bound Servant gives 10 coins to Infiltrator

Oliver explores Fang Clan Village

Oliver is killed by traps

Bound Servant explores Mushroom Farms

Bound Servant gets Composite Longbow, 25 coins

Bound Servant examines Darkside Blademaster

Dionicio uses haste potion

Machrone uses Explorer Charm to explore Fang Clan Village

Machrone is killed by traps

Infiltrator gets Buckler, Explorer's Charm

Adventurer joins Anama

Dionicio uses blessing crystal on himself

Darkside Blademaster attacks Adventurer (Battle 3)

Adventurer defeats Darkside Blademaster

Adventurer gets Mace, Skribbane, Ivory Skull

Adventurer gets 60 coin bonus for killing a faction leader

Shanker explores Remote Island

Shanker gets Leather Armor, Eye of Hawk, 10 coins

Adventurer attacks Gladwell (Battle 4)

Adventurer defeats Gladwell

Adventurer gets Antidote, Warding Crystal, Potion of Clarity

Adventurer gets 60 coin bonus for killing a faction leader

Bound Servant dies because Gladwell killed

Pure Spirit learns faction status of Micklebur

Anama Priest uses Null Rod on Shanker

Shanker is dumbfounded

Micklebur drinks Knowledge Brew

Micklebur drinks Skribbane

Darkside Mage gives Adventurer Crystal Spire

Micklebur attacks Shanker (Battle 5)

Micklebur defeats Shanker

Micklebur gets Cavewood Bow, Healing Potion, Leather Armor, Eye of Hawk

Micklebur gets +1 skill

Micklebur gets 40 coins as reward for killing mage

Dionicio attacks Infiltrator

Dionicio defeats Infiltrator

Dionicio gets Buckler, Explorer's Charm

Alchemist begins harvesting Northern Docks

Alchemist receives 1 herb

Alchemist explores Mushroom Farms, begins harvesting

Alchemist gets Composite Longbow, 25 coins

Alchemist receives 1 herb


Day 3


Micklebur uses Skribbane

Micklebur attacks DL Mage (Battle 7)

Micklebur defeats DL Mage

Micklebur gets spear

Micklebur gets 40 coins as reward for killing mage

Pure Spirit joins Anama, they find Holy Symbol

Alchemist does not meet his requirements

Game Over

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The battle log...




Excalibur (Anama Hunter) attacks Nioca (Domont) on Day 2

Anama Hunter is enemy with Domont b/c he is on DL list

No ID made


Excalibur Skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (Warrior attribute, Domont not a mage)

+1 (Sword, weapon bonus)

Total = 4


Nioca Skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (DL attribute)

+1 (Leather Armor, armor bonus, Anama Hunter not a mage)

Total = 4


Tie. Defender wins ties.

Nioca kills Excalibur!





Wz As (Dionicio) versus Nioca (Domont) on Day 2

Dionicio is enemy with Domont b/c he is part of victory condition

No ID made


Wz As Skill

+2 (Base Skill)

+1 (Inherent base skill increase)

+2 (stealth attribute)

+1 (warrior attribute)

+2 (flaming sword, Domont not a mage)

+1 (blessed status)

-1 (opponent has buckler, blocks 1 weapon bonus)

Total = 8


Nioca Skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (DL attribute)

+1 (Leather Armor, armor bonus, Dionico not a mage)

Total = 4


Attacker wins.

Wz As kills Nioca!





Alorael (Darkside Blademaster) attacks Sarachim (Adventurer) on Day 2

Adventurer is enemy with DL Blademaster b/c Adventurer on target list

No ID made


Alorael Skill

+2 (Base skill)

+2 (Inherent base skill increase)

+1 (DL attribute)

+1 (Warrior attribute, Adventurer not a mage)

+1 (Mace, Adventurer not a mage)

+1 (Inherent weapon bonus)

-1 (Opponent has buckler)

Total = 7


Sarachim Skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (Base skill inherent)

+2 (Chainmail bonus, DL Blademaster not a mage)

+1 (Archer attribute, has a bow)

+1 (Anama attribute when defending)

+1 (Warrior attribute, opponent not a mage)

+1 (Mace, weapon defense from warrior attribute)

+2 (Protected status)

Total = 11


Defender wins

Sarachim kills Alorael!





Sarachim (Adventurer) attacks Rowen (Gladwell)

Adventurer is enemy with Gladwell b/c Gladwell is a faction leader

ID made correctly


Sarachim skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (Correct ID)

+1 (Base skill inherent)

+2 (Faction leader bonus, inherent)

+2 (Mace, Gladwell is mage)

+1 (Archer attribute, has a bow)

+1 (Cavewood Bow, target ID correct)

Total = 10


Rowen skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (Mage)

+2 (Servant bonus)

Total = 5


Attacker wins

Sarachim kills Rowen!





RCCCL (Micklebur) attacks Sporefrog (Shanker)

Micklebur is enemies with Shanker b/c Shanker is a mage

ID made correctly


RCCCL skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (Correct ID)

+1 (Base skill inherent)

+1 (Knowledge brew)

+3 (Inherent, attack mage)

+5 (Berserk status)

+2 (Mace, target is a mage)

+2 (Composite Longbow, correct ID)

Total = 17


Sporefrog skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (Mage attribute)

+5 (Unaligned alive)

+1 (Leather Armor, opponent not a mage)

-2 (Dumbfounded status)

Total = 7





Wz As (Dionicio) attacks Spddin Ignis (Infiltrator)

Dionicio is enemies with Spddin Ignis b/c Dionicio is a target

ID made correctly


Wz As skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (Correct ID)

+1 (Base skill, inherent)

+2 (Stealth attribute)

+1 (Warrior attribute, opponent not a mage)

+2 (Flaming Sword)

+1 (Cavewood Bow and correct ID)

+1 (Blessed status)

-1 (Opponent has buckler)

Total = 10


Spddin Ignis skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (Base skill, inherent)

Total = 3


Attacker wins!

Wz As kills Spddin Ignis





RCCCL (Micklebur) attacks Doom Warrior (Darkside Mage)

Micklebur is enemy with Darkside Mage b/c Darkside Mage is a mage

ID made correctly


RCCCL skill

+2 (Base skill)

+1 (Correct ID)

+1 (Base skill inherent)

+1 (Knowledge brew)

+1 (Shanker defeated)

+3 (Inherent, attack mage)

+5 (Berserk status)

+2 (Mace, target is a mage)

+2 (Composite Longbow, correct ID)

+1 (Crystal Spire, correct ID)

Total = 19


Doom Warrior skill

+2 (Base skill)

-1 (Inherent)

+1 (Darkside Loyalist)

+1 (Mage)

Total = 3


Attacker wins!

RCCCL defeats Doom Warrior

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The full list of identities


1	Anama Priest		Marlenny		2	Bound Servant		Duck3	Darkside Blademaster	Alorael4	Darkside Mage		Doom Warrior5	Dionicio		Wz As			6	Domont			Nioca7	Gladwell		Rowen8	Machrone		Monroe9	Micklebur		RCCCL		10	Shanker			Sporefrog11	Adventurer		Sarachim		12	Oliver			Xelgion13	Pure Spirit		Andraste		14	Anama Hunter		Excalibur15	Infiltrator		Spddin Ignis16	Alchemist		Ackrovan
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My medicine, it tastes good. *shakes fist at Marlenny*




I thought that was a great game, though I've noticed as more games are played with the same people, it's a lot harder to separate each game without previous biases leaking in. To this end, I would be interested in playing anonymously next game.


Does one simply have to just make a new account? I'm unfamiliar with the details of the forum so I'm not sure. I was thinking of something along the lines of simply creating a new name, and registering and playing with that one. That way people will not even know who registered. If people are interested in giving this a try, it's not even necessary for everyone to do this for some anonymity to be achieved.


Any thoughts or ideas?

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