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Simulacrum is bullsh!t!!!!!!!!!


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Firstly, calm down.


Secondly, your observation is true of any summoning spell. If a summoned monster kills something, you don't get any significant amount of experience for it. Summoning is generally more useful for defending yourself than for attacking opponents anyway, although Simulacrum is something of an exception to this.


Thirdly, by the later parts of the game (experience level 20 onwards) you don't really benefit a huge amount from gaining further levels anyway. You start to get fewer skill points per level, you can get skill points by buying Knowledge Brews, and there are fewer useful things left to spend your skill points on.

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Just for reference, go to Drakefyre's Demense and read his column on "The Fallicy of Summoning". (Think that's what it's called.)

I heartily agree in that I don't think I ever summon anything.

Possibly, at first, when you try all the different attributes, PC's, etc., but not ever after that.

I personally feel the same about Alchemy and Archery, unless a Scenario specifically calls for it and equips you adequately.

I favor the basic skills; Fighting and Casting, at least until I, (we) are of sufficient levels to allow "playing" with other characteristics.

Or......... if you use edited characters.


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Maybe there should be an autolock feature for topics having no posts after a specified period of time. Like if nobody posts on a topic for, say 2 weeks, it gets locked. That would prevent needless topic revival.


BTW, that is a VERY extreme case. Comparing that case to this one is like comparing a heart attack to high blood pressure.

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