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The World - An Online IMRP


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As Ephesos mentioned in his wrap-up thread, someone else has an online RP ready to go now, that someone being ET/SD. I volunteered to be his voice here for the duration of the game. Like Eph, I also encourage people to participate as I expect nothing less than EPIC from ET when he's RPing. I don't think I'll be committing to a character this time around, but I do plan to spectate whenever I can to share in the good times.


Without further ado:


[Diclaimer: This RP has veered off into some inappropriate content. Follow links to the logs of the sessions at your own risk.]


Originally Posted By: ET/SD
Some of you may remember this topic, where I first came up with the IM RP. You can see the prototype there that appears to have been what inspired Ephesos to make his far more awesome game. This new game of mine will be a refined version of that original prototype, same world, only this time with actual experienced RPers (you) as opposed to random people from the dregs of the internet, which should improve it dramatically.


As you can see if you read the prototype, it will be a bit different in style and gameplay from Ephesos's. I explain the differences in depth and go over what gameplay will be like at my website here. Check it out and feel free to ask questions, though read all the information before asking, as I’d hate to do through the trouble of talking through someone else to answer a question that has already been answered.


If you wish to make a character, you need to pick an alignment and a single stat that will determine your mysterious class (27 possibilities) and your mysterious race (6 possibilities), so choose those wisely.


Follow these steps to do that:

1: Choose a Power: Destruction, Preservation, or Creation.

2: Choose a Nature: Severe, Mild, or Merciful

3: Choose a single Stat: Strength, Agility, Intellect, Will, Charisma, or Talent.


Do check to see what others already picked, a diverse party will fare best out in the world. Once you’ve picked these three things, I will asign you a class and species (from a chart, not randomly), and at that point you can then name your character and give it a personality.


The main campaign is pretty bizarre, and most of the game will consist of random encounters as you explore (also bizarre), which I will mostly think up on the spot. It is me, though, so it is guaranteed to be awesome and epic. Many of you know how much I like to draw pictures, so expect more of that as well!


I'll post one of those nifty schedules when I know when I myself will be available, most likely late this week or sometime next week.


-ET (Sleeping Dragon)

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I'm kinda wondering how many people are going to be able to be on in one game. We have 11 potential players so far.


Aran - Creation/Severe/Intellect

Nalyd - Destruction/Mild/Intellect

Ephesos - Creation/Mild/Agility

Excalibur - Preservation/Severe/Talent

Nikki - Destruction/Severe/Strength

NoIntro - Creation/Severe/Charisma

Dakkanor - Destruction/Merciful/Talent or Agility

Nioca - Creation/Merciful/Agility

Master Ackrovan - Creation/Mild/Will

BloodMoon - Destruction/Severe/Intellect

Dantius - Preservation/Mild/Intellect

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Originally Posted By: The Ghost of Jewels
I'm kinda wondering how many people are going to be able to be on in one game. We have 10 potential players so far.

Aran - Creation/Severe/Intellect
Nalyd - Destruction/Mild/Intellect
Ephesos - Creation/Mild/Agility
Nikki - Destruction/Severe/Strength
NoIntro - Creation/Severe/Charisma
Dakkanor - Destruction/Merciful/Talent or Agility
Nioca - Creation/Merciful/Agility
Arokubaba - Creation/Mild/Will
BloodMoon - Destruction/Severe/Intellect
Dantius - Preservation/Mild/Intellect

Eleven: you left me out. tongue
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This is a public service announcement.*

Severe Creation      Mild Creation      Merciful Creation---------------      -------------      -----------------Arancaytar (INT)     Ephesos (AGI)      Celtic Minstrel (WIL)NoIntro (CHA)        Ackrovan (WIL)      Nioca (AGI)Severe Preservation  Mild Preservation  Merciful Preservation-------------------  -----------------  ---------------------Excalibur (TAL)      Dantius (INT)Severe Destruction   Mild Destruction   Merciful Destruction------------------   ----------------   --------------------Nikki (STR)          Nalyd (INT)        Dakkanor (AGI/TAL)BloodMoon (INT)STR---Nikki (Severe Destruction)AGI---Ephesos (Mild Creation)Nioca (Merciful Creation)Dakkanor? (Merciful Destruction)INT---Arancaytar (Severe Creation)Dantius (Mild Preservation)BloodMoon (Severe Destruction)Nalyd (Mild Destruction)WIL---Ackrovan (Mild Creation)Celtic Minstrel (Merciful Creation)CHA---NoIntro (Severe Creation)TAL---Excalibur (Severe Preservation)Dakkanor? (Merciful Destruction)


* Without guitars. :-(

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A message from our sponsonr:

The fact that so many people are noting their participation as tentative or merely possible makes me want to allow many people to create characters, as it is likely that several of those who signed up so far might not make it once the game is scheduled. Since there are 36 possible classes, I'm totally fine with there being a ton of characters switching in and out rather than just a few characters with their players switching instead. If it comes to there being too many people to manage, we'll decide on the spot what to do. Though I don't anticipate such a problem, as I am a man of magnificent capacity, and I can manage with lots of people if this ends up being the case.


I'll probably close out character creation tomorrow and also announce what everyone's characters are. So be sure to check that out.


Oh, also, guy who picked two stats, pick one, I'd recommend talent, since so one picked that yet. And if anyone else wants to make a character, try to pick an alignment that hasn't been picked, and a stat that is less common (not intellect).


-Your Benevolent E, T


@Excalibur: Musta missed you in all the clamor to participate.


@Acky: Uh, yeah... of course I know it's you... (bluff)

Jewels rolled a 1d20: 1


Just don't change the Spire of Archon and I may be able to keep you straight.

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Character creation for this round is closed. If you're not on the list, you can still participate by being a spectator or reading the logs.


Originally Posted By: ET
Alright, here are the characters that people have rolled.


Arancaytar: Catperson Conjurer, you specialize in harnessing the power of Creation to conjure objects to use and creatures to fight for you. Your tigery fur is orange with black stripes.


Nalyd: As you probably could have guessed by looking at the prototype scenario, you are indeed a Catperson Necromancer. You enjoy raising things from the dead and generally inflicting pain on your enemies. Your fur is black as night, and you are very short.


Excalibur: Human Strategist. You prefer to stay towards the back of your group catching your enemy by surprise with brilliant stratagems, using tactics to weaken your foes and generally keep yourself alive. You are asian, with a huge fu manchu moustache.


Nikki: Dogperson Psion. You command the powers of Destruction to destroy things with your freaking mind. Your fur is dark, and your ears pointy, you appear to be a jackal.


No Intro: Birdperson Artist. You tap into Creation to bring forth beautiful works of art into the world. Fear not, this art should benefit you in combat... somehow. Your feathers are very colorful, as you have the appearance of some kind of tropical parrot.


Nioca: Bugperson Samurai. As an honorable warrior mantis, you will sharpen a number of scholarly disciplines as well as your trusty sword to defeat your foes.


Ackrovan: Lizardperson Alchemist. You have a knack for mixing anything with anything to create a wonderful variety of useful (and sometime very not useful) potions. You have the horns and claws of a dragon.


Bloodmoon: Catperson Sorcerer. One of the most feared agents of Destruction, you are capable of terrifying and bizarre feats that will shock and awe your foes before they meet their inevitable annihilation. Your fur is also black, though you are larger than most catpeople, being a panther and all.


Dantius: Catperson Magician. Rather than specialize in a single field of wizardry, a magician makes use of a great variety of magics to defeat his foes. You have pointy lynx ears.


If Ephesos: Bugperson Shaman. A holy warrior of dreams, with wings and a gleaming firefly’s butt.


Slarty: Gecko Magician ; Triumph: Frenchmun Minstrel ; W-Dueck: Persian Cat Librarian ; Tridash: Eagle Demagogue


Every character starts with a single ability. Each level you gain, and you will gain levels fairly quickly, will get you a new ability, unless you choose instead to put points into a previous ability.


Starting abilities are as follows:


Arancaytar: Summon Imp. You can summon yourself a single nifty little magical servant to do your biding. Not terribly useful in combat, but he may be handy in other ways, at least.


Nalyd: Resurrect. As an apprentice necromancer, your not terribly good at resurrecting yet. If you succeed in casting this spell on a body, you will have a temporary, rotting servant that will do your bidding to the best of its ability.


Excalibur: Ambush. You have the ability to see enemies before they see you and get the jump on them. Or, perhaps you could have someone else is your group get the jump on them.


Nikki: Scythe. Before you master your mental abilities you must first become one with your scythe. It slices through foes with ease and at a decent distance.


No Intro: Art Kit. As you are currently at the level of starving artist, this is your only material possession. In it, you can find your paintbrush, your paintknife, some paint, a sponge, your pallet, as well as some canvas and backings. How useful these things are to you is entirely up to your imagination.


Nioca: Katana. A samurai’s blade is like an extra limb. You wield it with unparalleled precision.


Ackrovan: Solvé. With this ability you can break down virtually anything into a fine powder, which you are then free to experiment with alchemically.


Bloodmoon: Disintegrate. Ironically, you also have the ability to break down anything (or, preferably, anyone) down into a fine powder. Only your ability is more destructive, and the byproducts are far less useful.


Dantuis: Fireball. A magician’s bread and butter. One would think this to be a very common spell, but only the magician has access to such a simple and useful ability.


Now that you’ve got your class and race, do name your characters.


I’ve decided not to schedule the first session until after Thanksgiving. It seemed prudent. Have a good Holiday, everyone. Look for an update this weekend, probably.


Indeed, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I don't expect to be online at all tomorrow.

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