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Because you asked.


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I said I would put of wedding pictures a long time ago and last night was reminded about during Labyrinth. So here are a few of the many many pictures. First two are during the honeymoon when we remembered to take pictures.



Kissing in Oregon

Where the kissing took place.


More of us

My Family

Her Family

More of her family

Some of our friend we made get dressed up.

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Multnomah Falls, huh?

Dikiyoba guesses it's more exciting when you haven't seen it at least five hundred times.

She had never been there before and I knew that she would like seeing it and feel cool the spray of the falls. I've been there to many times to really appreciate it like she did.

She got a sister?

Yes, she is the Maid of Honor(in the light blue), married, and has kids. Good luck on that. tongue

And thank you everyone.
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