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Horrifically it's been almost ten months since I added any scenario pages. Needless to say, many were needed. While I'm still without The Staff and the new Proving Grounds, I managed to update 9 BoA scenarios and Mistb0rn's 1hr BoE scenarios. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum and finish up some projects I started just as long ago.


Other than that I had a couple of general questions:


1.) Who is in charge of the header and if I said I'd edit my website url, would they send it to me or perhaps just edit it themselves?


2.) With the new Review system, are we still making threads over at SV for new scenarios?


3.) While I've been considering and preparing to make a BoA graphics archive addition to PixPro, should I mirror BoE as far as organization and categorization or does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions for making it different?

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IP board is weird about posting permissions. Mod status determines whether you can perform the usual mod actions like editing/deleting posts, but doesn't determine whether you can do simple things like view/post in a forum. That's done with permission masks. So any member can have the CSR Mod permission mask and be able to create topics. But an actual mod without the mask can't post. It's pretty stupid.


Anyway Salmon should be able to post now.


Edit: Now I'm sure it's right...

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