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It's that time again...


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Yay, Diki! I'm surprised you're still so far down on the top posters list. During my time here, at least, you've been probably the most prolific poster that I can think of, aside from occasional bursts from newer members now and again. That might be completely statistically inaccurate, though, in which case that simply means your posts have been the most memorable. smile Congrats!

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648+994 does not make 7000 ^^

Or did I miss something there?


Congrats Diki! Is it a coincidence Episode 6 surfaces at around the same time as this milestone? Maybe you can include me in this one. I seem to recall being killed in episode 2 - maybe I can have a more glorified part.


Perhaps some day I will reach 606.

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Originally Posted By: Naughty Salmon
Yay! Spam Wars!

Don't go there. Oops, too late.

(cue Star Wars music)

It is a period of civil war.
striking from a hidden base,
have won their first victory
against the evil SPAM EMPIRE.

During the battle, Spiderweb
spies managed to steal secret
plans to the spammers
ultimate weapon, the SPAM STAR,
an armored spambot with enough
power to destroy an entire forum.

Pursued by the Spammer's
sinister agents, Princess
DIKIYOBA races home aboard her
starship, custodian of the
stolen plans that can save
her forum and restore
freedom to the internets....
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Keeping track of many personal pronouns like eir, it, hir, ze and more is too difficult even for this German who to grammatical constructs and subclauses that forever before they in verbs finish extend used is (yay for Reverse Polish Syntax!), so Dikiyoba's name sounds like the best way to consistently refer to Dikiyoba.


(Put another way: Pronouns are too puny for Dikiyoba.)

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Think "Raphael" but with a different first syllable.


—Alorael, who has never understood the A-lor-ee-uhl pronunciation. There are plenty of -ael names derived from Hebrew, and while they have no consistency in pronunciation, they are consistently not pronounced like that. (Also, it's odd that Rachael is the only feminine one, and the ending is not that in Hebrew.)

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Ordinance, the practice of ordination.


—Alorael, who doesn't have much of a preference for how his name is pronounced. The last three letters could be -ale, -eye-el, ah-el, -eel, -uhl, or -al. He just can't think of occasions on which -ael is -ee-uhl or why it would be pronounced in such a way.

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