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Which type of poll is best? Version 2.0!!!!!!!!!!11111!!1!1!11!!!z0mg

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Sorry, I had to remake the poll because the last one had problems. Please lock the other poll thread. Thanks!


The complete Option 2 is as follows: "2. Polls that allow for every imaginable answer or lack thereof, only to need to be recreated sixteen thousand times when someone comes up with an answer the creator didn't think of and eventually forgotten in frustration, all in the name of not having to think, are the best! Yay democracy! laugh "


EDIT: I still don't know what's going on with options 3 and 4. tongue If you are seeing the same graphical glitch I am, the radio button inside option 3's text area refers to option 4, on the far right.

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Option ten is the only one that makes sense. laugh


Anyways, the polling for the new UBB is pretty bad...the old one was better. The old one let you edit the poll while you were making it, which greatly reduced the chance of making a mistake.


(Yeah, still a graphical glitch)


Edit: The topic title is too long.

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Polling on the old UBB was better for a multitude of reasons. The one that frustrates me most is that users now respond to questions one by one rather than all at once. This is a problem


(1) for the user, because it involves almost twice as many clicks and a huge amount of wasted time spent waiting for the page to reload and rescroll


(2) for the analyst, because you don't get as much out of comparing data for two questions where the respondants overlap but do not match up entirely.

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