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Congratulations, Tyran! smile


with the member numbers changing with the board upgrade.


Same here. I loved my 2984. It was both twice 1492, the year of Columbus, and a thousand plus 1984, which hardly needs explanation. It was also 8 * 373, and I like big primes.


2975 hasn't remotely as much numerological beauty.


I am consoled only by one thing:


- On May 14 2003, I was #2984

- On May 14 2008, I was #2975


=> Extrapolating linearly, we deduce that I will be member #1 in 5355 more years.


(Geometrically it looks even better; I'd be at the #1 spot in roughly 2650 years.)


I can't wait!

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Originally Posted By: Iffy
I love the kitties!

Kitties! ^_^

The kitties are those who fell trying to stop our benevolent Celt. Do not mourn them, for they preferred N:R to Nethergate.

I agree that it is not epic enough, but congratulations. Next time we'll just have to offer up more cheesecake.
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