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A few questions


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1. Whats left??? I've gotten rid of the monsters, gotten all the artifacts, saved Gebra and Marish, gone to at least four of the five stone circles. Destroyed the stone circles guarded by the Haakai near the end.


2. What is with the Adobe Hut, with the Hermit, does he do anything? and with the issolated valley, is there anything there of importance. And lastly, is there any where to get the amulet that protects from stoning on the island with the basiliks??/

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1. Except for going through the Great Walls and then to the final dungeon, there's nothing left to do in the game.


2. The hermit in the Adobe Hut will give you the Ritual of Sanctification if you tell him you'll use it against the troglodytes, but doesn't do anything else useful. You can't get the amulet that protects the person wearing it against petrification.



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