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Or we could just do a process of elimination, and see what date crops up as most available.


Personally, any time before 6:00 PM EDT (5:00 PM CDT) won't work for me. Tuesday is also out (NCIS premiere), but any other day will work.


As for preferred dates: Saturday and Sunday would work the best for me. But any day that's not Tuesday will suffice.

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If you want to join, the best approach is to:


1) Send me a character.


2) Be at the next session.


3) Wait until I drop your character into the story.


Of course, we're at 5 people right now, so unless people start failing to show up, or keep leaving their character uncontrolled for several hours at a time *cough* duck *cough*... yeah. I'm not sure this can take 6 players at a time just yet.


Oh, and I will do my best to post characters soon, including inventories. And I'll have decided how to dole out more HP/skill points/etc.

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Originally Posted By: Ephesos


I'm not sure this can take 6 players at a time just yet.



Okay then I would spectate if you don't mind


Originally Posted By: The Ghost of Jewels
You're always welcome to stop by as a spectator. They get to play every now and again without making a new character. Don't know how it'd work with your schedule though. It'd be like 5am-12noon for you.



I know this it would be 4 AM or 5 AM in my time

(Living in other side of the world does sucks) tongue

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...alright. So with all five recurring party members having voted, these are the days that work:


-Saturday, September 26th


Yes, that's the only one. Near-misses:


-Sunday, September 20th (Sarachim)

-Monday, September 21st (Nikki)

-Tuesday, September 22nd (Nioca)


So, unless someone sits out a session, or is willing to watch NCIS the next day online, the 26th is the earliest available option.


Personally, I really like that Tuesday, but I still don't have any serious constraints, so I can go with whatever.

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Originally Posted By: Ephesos
or is willing to watch NCIS the next day online,

I have dial-up. It'd take the better half of an entire day to just get the whole episode.

That said, I do have a VCR, so if worst comes to worst, I can just record it (honestly, I was expecting there to be quite a few more available dates). If it is on Tuesday, I'll be there.
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Monday can work for me - it's just that I get home from work about a hour/a hour and a half after the session starts, and if I've been working for 9 or 10 hours this probably isn't the best way for me to unwind.


That said, if somebody could cover for me until I arrive, I'm fine with missing the first hour or so. And it'll mean Nioca gets to watch his show.


Your call, E (and I really like that Tuesday too :p).



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...okay. The vote is relatively close, and the people who are actually affected by the outcome are evenly matched.


And the DM just realized he has plans Monday night. So, the next session will be Tuesday, September 22nd, 5pm CDT. Bring your good luck, you will likely need it.


Also! I have divined a method for "leveling up". The characters eligible for that are Etris, Lindy, Conall, John, and Kaval. (Cumulo was only in one session, Thuja none)


To "level up", do this:


1. Add your Strength score in HP. So John, who had 1 Strength and was at 5/10 HP, would go up to 6/11 HP.


2. Pick one of these four:

  • Increase one Ability (Str/Dex/Int) by 1.
  • Learn a new skill at level 1.
  • Gain a rank in two skills.
  • Gain two ranks in one skill.
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So my character sheet should now look like this?

Click to reveal..
Name: Etris Tanner

Occupation: Battlemage

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutralish


Strength: 3

Dexterity: 2

Intelligence: 5

Health: 13/13 (+3)

Speed: 5

Stamina: 7/10


Magic (Force): 4 (+1)

Magic (Light): 2

Magic (Divination): 1

Magic (Elemental Lore): 1

Martial (Shortswords): 3 (+1)

Bluff: 2

Artifice: 2




Large Trout

Yellow Soporific Spores (Saps stamina)

Also, and it's something I just noticed: Why isn't there a Defense or Parry skill? It just occurs to me that there's no defensive skills, which fighters will probably start noticing as they face harder enemies. Or is it incorporated as part of their Martial skills?

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Yes, that is fine.


Hm. Yeah. Defense was kind of thrown together on the fly. I wanted it to be similar to D&D but simpler, and you're right... I left out a way for anyone to train in defense without simple maximizing their Dex at character creation (*cough* Cumulo!).


So I'm going to go with "There isn't a Defense or Parry skill because nobody has trained in it yet."

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Click to reveal.. (Lindy's upgrade)
Name: Lindy
Occupation: Priestess of Light
Race: Human

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 2
Intelligence: 7
HP: 11/11 (+1)
Stamina: 6/10

-Magic (Healing Arts): 6 (+2)
-Religion: 2
-Nature: 1
-First Aid: 3

Magical Staff (Can be a light source.)
Length of cloth. 2' x 8'
Two meals worth of soggy food.
Bag with 5 potions. (Only to be used in the direst of straits. DM can prompt a playing spectator to use if really needed.)

I hope that my increase in magical skill will offset the stamina drain for all the new hit points that may need to be restored.
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Weekday evenings have gotten worse for me in general due to some on-call work I'm doing with my old agency. Also, thanks to some annoying construction-related parking restrictions in my neighborhood, I'm getting up and going to bed earlier. So I might be able to make it for a session, but it's better not to plan around me. Feel free to pass Cumulo on to somebody else, remove him entirely, or keep him in DM-stasis as you prefer.

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Yay for leveling!


Click to reveal..
Name: Thuja Goaway

Occupation: Hunter-Gatherer

Race: Human

Alignment: Misanthropic


Strength: 4

Dexterity: 4

Intelligence: 2

HP: 14/14

Stamina: 10/10


Martial (Axe): 4

Martial (Boomerang): 4

Nature: 3

Perception: 1

Stealth: 1



1 stone axe

5 boomerangs (Note: Must be retrieved rather than returning automatically.)


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