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The Labyrinth RP


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EDIT: Update! The tenth session is complete, and so is the campaign! The logs are available here!


(inspired by this thread)


There seems to be more than a few people around here who would be willing to try out a legitimate RP session over AIM. After talking it over with Nikki (who talked it over with Nemesis), I've decided to throw my hat into the ring as a DM. To make a long story short, I would like to run a campaign in the world of that illustrious film, Labyrinth.


What's the system? 4th edition D&D. If you've never played, don't worry, it's easy. And for all you old-school D&D fans, don't worry, just because 4th edition simplified the rules doesn't mean I'll run a simple game.

Do I need to know anything about Labyrinth? Nope. If you have seen it, you might enjoy it slightly more, but you'll enjoy it anyway.

AIM? Really? Yep.

When would this take place? Well, it depends on when everyone's free. Ideally we could establish a regular time.


If you're interested, say so. If there's enough interest, we can talk more about characters and times and such.

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I am amused and I am intrigued, but why 4E? That system is one of the most tactical map-dependent games. Why not something less tricky that way? Minimus would be fun and quick for everyone to learn, although it actually requires some physical interaction.


—Alorael, who also foresees the problem that 4E is not free. This limits players to those who actually have the game or have, ahem, questionable morals.

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I'm afraid I don't have time for this — I just rule out AIM in general. But it might be nice to see eventual transcripts.


Thinking about just how effective an AIM RP might be, I figure it's a lot like live, just with much less bandwidth. But this means that the DM can't react to blank looks by providing extra description, and in fact I bet everyone will automatically use more words than they would in person, to say less, because gestures and expressions and instantaneous response won't be there. So I expect the game will be a lot leaner. Well, we'll find out.


Could there be a collaborative game that would be a bit better adapted to low-bandwidth online play? I'm thinking that something somehow midway between an RPG and a Mafia-type game might work well. After all, one of the things that's always hard to do in a live game is let players keep secrets from each other when their characters should be able to. I mean, the thief can sit at the far end of the table and pick party members' pockets via a hand signal code pre-arranged with the DM. But that's about it. An online game that included PMs as well as a public channel would allow much more privacy among players.


Very demanding for the gamemaster, though, since private communications from players could involve a huge range of things, not just a few simple actions.

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A system, similar to D&D. Just whipped it up.


Click to reveal..
The System


Roll a d20, add any bonuses. That number is opposed to a check (set by the DM). If you roll above the check, you succeed. If you don't, you fail. If you roll a 1, bad things happen. If you roll a 20, good things happen.


Of course, justifying things with good roleplaying is paramount to success... what you say to the duke is far more important than the 6 you have in Diplomacy. Sometimes, a good enough explanation will make an actual roll completely unnecessary.



An attack roll is simple. 1d20, plus the relevant attribute, plus the relevant skill. If you beat the enemy's defense, you hit. So, for attacking with a sword, it'd go something like this:

1d20 + Strength + Martial (Swordplay)

For a bow:

1d20 + Dexterity + Martial (Bow)

For a fireball:

1d20 + Intelligence + Magic (Fire)



Defenses are simple as well. Ten plus the relevant attribute, plus any relevant bonuses. Of course, some of these bonuses might be hidden. So, for defending against a sword slash:

10 + Dexterity + Armor

For enduring a fireball:

10 + Strength + Armor

For resisting a charm spell:

10 + Intelligence + Magic (Illusions)



Using a skill is easy. Roll a d20, add the relevant attribute, plus the skill value in question. Beat the check, and you succeed. So, for identifying alchemical reagents:

1d20 + Intelligence + Magic (Alchemy)

For intimidating someone with your ninja skills:

1d20 + Dexterity + Intimidate

For brute-forcing a gate open:

1d20 + Strength + Artifice



You start with ten stamina. If you ever run out, you're rendered useless in combat. You're not unconscious or dead, just inept. Spend a stamina point for any roll to get a +1 bonus. Also, non-standard actions could cost stamina (regular attacks and actions never do). The DM will tell you when it regenerates.




Strength: Hit things hard, endure damage, lift heavy things.

Dexterity: Hit things from a distance, dodge blows, be a ninja.

Intelligence: Hit things with magic, resist illusions, solve puzzles.


Hit points: Health. Duh. Run out and you're down.

Speed: How fast you can move in one turn.

Stamina: Spend a point to expend just a little extra effort.




Magic: Pick a school, then burn things. Or whatever.

Martial: Pick a weapon/style, then smack things. Or whatever.

Bluff: Lie, and notice other people lying.

Diplomacy: Choose your words wisely.

Intimidate: Yell at things. Lots.

Religion: Knowledge of the divine.

Nature: Knowledge of the natural.

Artifice: Knowledge of engineering.

First Aid: Knowledge of anatomy and healing.

Perception: Sharp eyes, sharp ears, sharp... nose?

Stealth: How to not be seen.

Thievery: How to steal things.




In the end, your character concept matters more than the numbers, but here's how to set up.



When you start, your Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence must add up to 10. No zeroes, no negatives.



-Speed starts at 5.

-Stamina starts at 10.

-Hit Points start at 10, and you can spend a point of your Strength/Dex/Int for 2 more HP.



Your skills start at 0, like an average peasant. You get 20 points to spend. To move a skill up to 1, spend one point. To move it up to 2, spend two more points, and so on. So, to take a skill from level 0 to level 4, spend 10 points (1+2+3+4).


...and we make up the rest as we go. Thoughts?


EDIT: A sample character or three:


Click to reveal..
Name: Phil Darkbrooder

Occupation: Necromancer

Race: Human

Alignment: Whiny


Strength: 2

Dexterity: 3

Intelligence: 5

HP: 10


Magic (Necromancy): 4

Bluff: 2

Stealth: 2

First Aid: 2

Perception: 1


Click to reveal..
Name: Thok

Occupation: Thok hit things

Race: Orc

Alignment: Hungry


Strength: 5

Dexterity: 3

Intelligence: 1

HP: 12


Martial (Whatever's nearby): 5

Indimidate: 2

Nature: 1

Perception: 1


Click to reveal..
Name: Sneaky Tim

Occupation: "None of your business"

Race: "What of it?"

Alignment: Pragmatic


Strength: 2

Dexterity: 5

Intelligence: 3

HP: 10


Martial (Dagger): 3

Stealth: 3

Thievery: 3

Bluff: 1

Magic (Illusions): 1

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Okay... so I'm counting these interested persons so far:




-Slarty (not outside of 4-9 during the week)

-Jewels (not inside of 5-9 during the week)




Other schedule conflicts? Personally, I'd prefer something similar to what Slarty's advocating (either in the evenings during the week or on the weekend).


And a couple of monsters:


Click to reveal..
Monster: Zombie Goblin


Strength: 4

Dexterity: 2

Intelligence: 0

HP: 8


Click to reveal..
Monster: Slithering Ooze


Strength: 3

Dexterity: 7

Intelligence: 1

HP: 15


Stealth: 6


Click to reveal..
Monster: Lichen Mage


Strength: 0

Dexterity: 1

Intelligence: 5

HP: 4


Magic (Illusion): 3

Nature: 5

Stealth: 2

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Pardon the double-post, but I forgot one of the most essential characters:


Click to reveal..
Name: Lord Elfgracestein

Occupation: Obligatory Healer

Race: Obligatory Elf

Alignment: Reluctant


Strength: 2

Dexterity: 3

Intelligence: 6

HP: 8


Martial (Obligatory Bow): 2

Magic (Obligatory Healing): 4

First Aid: 3

Religion: 1


And a sample encounter. Yes, I'm bored.


Click to reveal..
DM: As you wander through the forest, towards the distant plume of smoke, you hear a rustling sound. Five goblins shuffle out of a thicket, half-growling and half-groaning. Phil, you instantly realize that they are zombies.

Tim: I draw a dagger, and try to slash the nearest one.

(Tim rolls a 10 on the attack, netting him an 18)

DM: You succeed. Roll for the damage.

(Tim rolls a d4, and gets a 4)

DM: It seems you don't know your own strength. One quick cut and the goblin's left arm falls to the ground. It moans, largely oblivious to the situation.

Phil: Ooh, I want to try and control one of the zombies.

DM: Roll for it.

(Phil rolls a 15, for a total of 24. The DM rolls some dice.)

DM: You attempt to commandeer the nearest zombie, but something is preventing you. Whatever it is, it's stronger than you are. You lose one Stamina.

Phil: Aw, man. I edge back from the zombies.

Thok: Thok pick up log and swing at goblins.

(Thok rolls a 1. The DM rolls some dice.)

DM: Thok, you pick up the nearest log and swing it at the goblin Tim attacked. But right before you connect, you trip on a rock and the log flies at Tim instead.

Tim: Seriously? Come on, Thok.

Thok: Thok sorry.

Elf: Can I try to shoot the log and deflect it?

DM: Sure, roll for it.

(Elf rolls a 3, getting a total of 10.)

Elf: Sorry Tim.

Tim: Can I dodge?

DM: Yep. You spend one Stamina, but you manage to dodge the log just as it crashes into the ground. However, you dodge right into the middle of the goblins.

Tim: Darn.

DM: Now, the goblins attack. Phil, the one that you tried to control shambles towards you. The other four go for Tim, who has conveniently landed in the middle of them.

(DM rolls some dice.)

DM: Phil, the goblin missed you. Tim, you dodge the first attack, but that allows the other three to sink their claws into you.

Tim: Aah! Elf, heal me!

Elf: Fine, fine. I heal his wounds.

DM: Lord Elfgracestein, you spend one Stamina. Tim, you're back to full.

Tim: Alright, I'm getting out of here. I'm going to try to jump over the goblins, slicing one of them on the way out.

(Tim rolls a 20, and cheers.)

DM: The rest of you see a blur fly up from between the goblins, and then Tim has landed a few feet away from them. One of the goblins neatly separates into two halves. Tim, the 20 means you don't spend a Stamina point.

Phil: Can I figure out their power source?

DM: You're certain that they're being controlled from afar. By what or who, you don't know.

Phil: Well, I'm going to try and cut the link.

(Phil rolls a 13, giving him a 22. The DM rolls some dice.)

DM: You're a little more successful than before. The goblin that's already missing an arm collapses to the ground, lifeless.

Thok: Thok pick up goblin. Thok hit other goblins with goblin.

DM: Without much effort, you pick up the goblin that was menacing Phil. You swing it at the two remaining goblins, trying to keep it from biting you. Roll for it, and spend one Stamina.

(Thok rolls a 15, for a total of 25.)

DM: You successfully knock over the goblins, leaving you with a pile of disorganized goblin parts. They twitch a few times, but they are no longer a threat.

Thok: Thok smash the bodies.

DM: You do that.

Phil: Do we get any Stamina back?

DM: No, not yet.

Elf: Okay, then let's keep moving.

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Heh, funny stuff. Rather than make up a hypothetical encounter, though, why not beta test it with someone? Probably not a random person like I did with mine, unless you really want to. I'd volunteer. Or you could ask Nikki or Nemesis if you're working on this with them. It's really the best way to get a feel for it.

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I would join, were it not for three things...


1: I've never seen Labyrinth.

2: I've never even seen the 4E books, though I've played 3.5 or 3 once or twice.

3: Very restricted timeframes for me.


As for doing it on AIM... well actually, I would've suggested using, say, IRC for it. That's where I've done mine.


For those of you not in the know, IRC is essentially chatrooms. Individual rooms are located on servers, so all you'd need to do is find a server to go onto, create a room (It's as easy as /join!) and wait for everyone to join in. It can help with immersion with the /me command, that automatically makes the lines change to look like actions... it can help with privacy with PM systems... and, if you're lucky enough to find one, a DieBot will allow you to roll dice in-channel to display results for all to see... or just the DM, if he PMs the bot. I've seen a sophisticated bots that actually can handle entire game systems, so a simple type of !melee does a full on d20+allmodifiers without having to type them all out!


Just a suggestion is all. The diebot would be the hardest part. The rest? Pure simplicity.

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Originally Posted By: Ephesos
The hypothetical encounter was an actual test
Oh, you sorry, when you said you were bored, it made me think you just took time to write out a hypothetical encounter. It's awesome that you did a test run, who all did you do it with? I'll be free for large chunks of time this weekend if you wanna give it another run. Or of lots of people are free, we could do a straight up game.
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I'd get involved, but I haven't heard of Labyrinth, played D&D (I wish I could, though), or have access to AIM.


However, if you are interested, I offer up my chatroom. It has all your basic IRC-esqe features, as well as a /roll option that lets you specify the mumber of dice and how many sides there are. And, of course, it autologs everything.

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The first mini-session's transcript. But first, Nikki's character:


Click to reveal..
Name: Coco Liebwitz

Occupation: Circus entertainment specialist.

Race: Clown.

Alignment: Creepy.

Strength: 3

Dexterity: 5

Intelligence: 2


Martial (juggler's pins): 4

Intimidate: 3

Thievery: 2


Now, the real thing.


Click to reveal..

ephesos - It's a fairly normal day, and you're bumming around town.

ephesos - You're thirsty, so you go to the nearest well to draw some water.

ephesos - When you lower the bucket, you don't encounter any resistance. You hear the bucket thud against the base of the well. Not normal.

ephesos - What do you do, Coco?

nikki - Well, how big is the well?

nikki - As in how deep, how wide across?

ephesos - About three feet across, you're not sure how deep.

nikki - Hmm. Is there anything around me that looks unusual?

ephesos - Well, it's unusual that you're the only one at the well.

nikki - Hell to it. I'm going to attempt to climb down the well. I'll use the rope that I sent the bucket down on to help me.

ephesos - Alright. You manage the climb with no trouble. It's about forty feet down to the bottom.

ephesos - The bottom of the well is damp, but there isn't any water down here.

ephesos - What's more unusual, though, is the large crack in the wall of the well.

nikki - I don't know much about wells, but is there like, a cave where the river would have flowed that...

nikki - Oh, or that

ephesos - It's about two feet across at the widest point. You could probably squeeze through.

nikki - Okay, I'm going through then.

ephesos - Okay. You pass into a cramped little cave.

ephesos - It's dark down here. You can barely see anything, and the only real light comes from the shaft of the well.

ephesos - Go ahead and roll for Perception.

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 20

nikki - Ohh yeah.

ephesos - The darkness is no match for your sharp ears... you hear the scrabbling of claws and dripping water.

ephesos - And you think you can see movement, but it's hard to tell if your eyes aren't just playing tricks on you.

ephesos - The sounds are close by.

nikki - OKay, that answers that. Thanks.

nikki - Okay, so can I hear one set of claws, or...?

ephesos - There are lots of claws. You can't tell which ones go with which. The sounds have ceased now.

nikki - Okay, so I'm going to try and sneak further into the cavern.

ephesos - Okay. Do you have a light source?

nikki - Not that I know of. I'm a clown.

ephesos - Well, you keep moving into the pitch-blackness. You hear the scrabbling sound again.

nikki - Right, so I'm going to throw my voice to try and distract whatever these things are, since I wasn't clever enough to lie and say I had a torch. Maybe if they go after this voice, I can make a break for it.

ephesos - You try to throw your voice, but the chamber is small enough that it mostly just echoes. The scrabbling ceases for a moment.

ephesos - You hear a hiss.

nikki - So the chamber is basically a tunnel?

ephesos - You're not sure how far the chamber extends. It could be a tunnel, but you're reasonably certain that it must lead somewhere.

nikki - Okay.

ephesos - After all, the lizards couldn't really have survived otherwise.

ephesos - (This well had water in it yesterday.)

nikki - Oh, okay.

nikki - Well, I'll keep going forward.

nikki - Or whichever direction I was originally heading in

ephesos - The ground slopes downward, and it's damp. It's a little tricky to keep your footing.

ephesos - It's even trickier when something trips you up, knocking you flat on your back.

ephesos - Something skitters over you.

nikki - Nuts. I'm going to flail with a juggling pin.

ephesos - Go ahead and roll.

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 20

ephesos - ...

nikki - Yeah...

nikki - Let me test something

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 20

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 16

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 1

nikki - Oh okay, it's not broke

ephesos - Okay. So that was just freakishly lucky.

nikki - But 3 20s in a row

ephesos - Your pin connects with something. You hear a strained squeal, followed by a thud.

nikki - Okay, so if the floor is slippery, I'd better crawl rather than walk forwards

ephesos - You crawl forward on the ground. it

ephesos - It's rough, and it's uncomfortable.

ephesos - But nothing harasses you.

ephesos - You come to a wall.

nikki - Can I search it for cracks?

ephesos - Yes. You move along the wall, and almost fall into an opening.

nikki - Any lighter in here?

ephesos - Nope, still pitch black.

nikki - OKay, I'm going to try and throw my voice again, to see how big the room/chamber/cave is

ephesos - It echoes, making you think that the next chamber is bigger.

ephesos - When the echoes die down, you can hear running water.

nikki - OKay, I'll go towards the water. I'm assuming I'm still thirsty

ephesos - Yes, you are.

ephesos - When you go through the opening, you lose your footing on the slick rock. Roll to save your balance.

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 15

ephesos - You keep your balance, and scramble down to the sound of water.

ephesos - The water is shallow, cold, and is moving from your left to your right.

nikki - OKay, so after drinking, I should go to my right and see if anything is blocking the water there

ephesos - You splash down through the water, and soon you bump your head on the ceiling.

ephesos - Roll a quick Perception.

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 3

ephesos - You're pretty sure it's the ceiling.

nikki - OKay, so I'm going to go against the water to the left now - maybe theres a different stream to the well thats been blocked

ephesos - As you move against the current, you feel a set of claws cut into your right leg. You take one point of damage.

nikki - OKay, so I'm going to flail with my pins again

ephesos - Roll it.

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 11

ephesos - It feels like the pin brushed something, but you don't get that satisfying impact.

nikki - OKay, so I'm going to keep going, but I'm going to kick my legs through the water as I do, just in case anything else tries to cut me.

ephesos - The water isn't quite deep enough to swim, but you splash around a lot.

ephesos - Then you feel something clamp down on your arm, dealing one point of damage.

nikki - Yeah, I meant stomping.

nikki - Flail!

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 14

ephesos - You flail around for a while, expending one Stamina. But eventually, you get a grip on whatever bit you, and you detach it from your arm.

nikki - May I get out of the water now, and follow it from the edge/shore?

ephesos - You get to the edge of the water, and you realize that you're completely lost.

ephesos - The thing you're holding struggles against your grip, but fails to free itself. It feels scaly, and it hisses.

nikki - OKay, so it's a snake. I'm going to keep hold of it for now, but in such a way that it cant bite me by twisting round.

nikki - And, I'll keep walking the way I was before, if I know which way that was.

ephesos - Well, its claws occasionally reach you, but it can't get enough leverage to do much more than shred your clothes.

ephesos - You're pretty sure it's not a snake.

nikki - OKay

nikki - Aww. I'll still hold it.

ephesos - You set off in a random direction, following the water.

nikki - Can I see anything yet?

ephesos - You hear more splashes ahead of you, but you can't see anything.

nikki - Okay, so more lizards, and I can't fight because of my pet.

nikki - I'm going to throw the lizard I have at the splashing

ephesos - You chuck the lizard in the direction of the splashing.

ephesos - There's a big splash, a lot of hissing, and the sound of a scuffle.

nikki - I feel I should come up with a one-liner for that.

nikki - I'll keep walking, though.

ephesos - There's a little more splashing, and a lot of hissing.

ephesos - But none of it is coming from directly ahead of you.

nikki - I'll speed up then.

ephesos - Soon, the splashing stops and turns into scrabbling.

nikki - Is the scrabbling behind me?

ephesos - Now it is, since you've quickened your pace.

nikki - OKay, so I'm going to lob one of my pins directly behind me.

ephesos - It splashes. A lot more splashing follows, including hisses and claws.

ephesos - All of it is coming from the direction in which you threw the pin, and none of it is moving closer to you.

nikki - Well, that worked well.

nikki - Even if it wasnt what I intended

ephesos - How many pins do you carry with you?

nikki - Is the cave/chamber any different?

nikki - Erm, 6.

ephesos - Well, the water is getting slightly deeper.

ephesos - You hit your head on the ceiling again.

nikki - Okay, I'll go whichever way is away from the water, following the ceiling

ephesos - Well, it feels like you're at a wall. The low ceiling, upon closer investigation, is the top of an opening in the wall.

nikki - oh, then i'll go through

ephesos - The first thing you notice in this chamber is a pinpoint of light off to your left.

nikki - Any hissing?

nikki - Or claws?

ephesos - No hissing, except the hissing behind you.

ephesos - The sound of rushing water echoes in a way which suggests that the chamber is very large.

nikki - OKay, I'm going to move towards the light

ephesos - Okay. The water isn't moving as quickly now.

ephesos - You have to shield your eyes from the light, as you've gotten fairly accustomed to the pitch black.

ephesos - Roll a quick perception.

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 8

ephesos - You hear nothing but the sound of your own splashes.

nikki - Can I see/feel anything that might be stopping the water?

ephesos - No. You do, however, feel that the bottom of the chamber is less rocky and more sandy now.

nikki - Okay, can I see what is making the light? Is it natural?

ephesos - All you can see right now is that it's really, painfully bright.

ephesos - You can't look at it for more than a second or two.

nikki - OKay. Well, I'll keep heading towards it

ephesos - You splash towards the light, and you feel something brush against your leg

nikki - I'll swing one of my pins at whatever it was.

ephesos - The pin hits the water.

nikki - OKay, can I see anything interesting now? The light hurts my eyes directly, but it should illuminate things

ephesos - You're standing in knee-deep water, and there are fish in the water.

ephesos - A silhouette dances past the light.

nikki - How far away am I from the light/sihouette?

nikki - silhouette*

ephesos - Probably about 20 feet.

nikki - Okay, I'll splash over to it

nikki - Can I see anybody or anything?

ephesos - It charges toward you, knocking you back into the water.

ephesos - It lands on top of you, and it seems to be another lizard.

ephesos - The sound of rushing water is louder up here than farther back in the cave.

nikki - Okay, I'll fight the lizard off to start with

ephesos - Swing for it.

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 13

ephesos - You knock it sideways, and it splashes into the water on your left.

ephesos - Another lizard crashes into you from your right, knocking you back down into the water.

nikki - I'll fight that one off too

ephesos - Roll a perception if you wish.

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 8

ephesos - You struggle to hit the lizard, but you can't quite manage it.

nikki - Okay, so, perception roll did you say?

ephesos - You lose one Stamina as you hold your breath underwater.

ephesos - Nah, skip it now.

nikki - okay

nikki - I'll try and get away from the lizards then.

ephesos - Towards the light or away from it?

nikki - Towards

ephesos - Okay, roll.

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 2

nikki - Heh.

ephesos - As you struggle to get out from under the lizard, the first one crashes back on top of you.

ephesos - (Don't forget about spending Stamina for things that don't hurt.)

nikki - Oh, yeah.

nikki - I'll use one to push the lizards away, and head towards the light source

ephesos - Roll for how well you do.

dice - nikki rolled 1 20-sided die: 18

ephesos - With a grunt of effort (which comes out as a strained "glub"), you grab each lizard by the neck and get up out of the water.

nikki - Can I look around?

ephesos - Yes.

ephesos - Now that you're close to the light, you can see you're at the entrance to the cave.

ephesos - There's a familiar-looking river outside.

ephesos - And you're still holding two lizards.

nikki - What about in the cave? Anything that might be stopping water getting to the well?

nikki - Or is it just a pool of water?

ephesos - Nope, just a branch of the river that appears to go underground.

nikki - Okay, I'll chuck the lizards into the cave and head outside.

ephesos - Alright. The lizards scramble back off into the cave.

ephesos - You're outside, at the edge of the town.

ephesos - You survived.

nikki - Yeah, but the well!

ephesos - You're pretty sure the lizards clawed open some new tunnels, making the water table shift. Or at least that's what you think after having a long, boring, borderline-unintelligible conversation with the city planners.

ephesos - Your limited Intelligence doesn't get you very far.

nikki - tongue

ephesos - And you're down two juggler's pins.


Lessons learned:

-Stamina is important.

-It is very dark, and you are likely to be eaten by a grue.

-Watch your head.

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Okay, here's the deal. I'd like to actually do this. If you would like to play, this is what I'd like to receive from you (in a PM, an email, an IM conversation, whatever). No worries, it's simple:


1. A Character. This includes:

  • Stats
  • Important equipment (weapons and armor, at least)
  • The coolest thing your character can do.
  • Your character's biggest fear/weakness.
2. Times You're Available


3. Preferred AIM Handle


Once more, you do not have to know anything about Labyrinth. You do not have to know anything about D&D, or any RPG system. Just check out the system (it's simple), and be prepared to have fun. The rules are by no means set in stone, and are likely to evolve as the game(s) happen. If it helps, think of it as a collaborative design exercise.


Current Players

  • Duck-in-a-top-hat
  • Slarty
  • Nikki
  • Jewels
  • Sarachim
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Okay! We've got 5 players, so all that remains is to pick a time, and to show up.


My one question goes back to time. This week, which works better?

  • Thursday, September 10th, 5pm CDT
  • Friday, September 11th, 5pm CDT

Those start times can be shuffled like an hour or so in either direction. Just wanted to make sure that 1) There's actually time to play for a while, and 2) Nikki doesn't get screwed over by time zones.

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Now that I have everyone's characters, it's time to meet the party:


First, the tank:

Click to reveal..
Name: Conall Strongarm

Race: Human

Occupation: Fighter


Strength: 6

Dexterity: 3

Intelligence: 1

HP: 10



-Martial (Club): 4

-Intimidate: 2

-Nature: 3

(1 spare point)


Cool Thing: Massive pain tolerance helps him endure difficult terrain.


Next, the brawler:

Click to reveal..
Name: Kaval

Race: Human


Strength: 3

Dexterity: 6

Intelligence: 1

HP: 10



-Martial (improvised weapons): 4

-Stealth: 3

-Artifice: 2

-Nature: 1


Cool Thing: Kaval claims that no prison can hold him.


Third, the mage-of-all-trades:

Click to reveal..
Name: Cumulo Flabberfist, Esq.

Occupation: Itinerant magician.

Race: Formerly a pillbug, but was polymorphed into a human.

Alignment: Attention Deficit-Hyperactive.


Strength: 2

Dexterity: 6

Intelligence: 2

HP: 10



-Magic (Illusion): 1

-Magic (Necromancy): 1

-Magic (Transformation): 1

-Magic (Evocation): 1

-Magic (Divination): 1

-Magic (Food Enhancement): 2

-Martial (Bare Fists): 1

-Perception: 3

-Stealth: 2

-Thievery: 1


Cool Things:

-Illusion: Can create the illusion of a vicious but tiny pillbug approaching.

-Necromancy: Can't speak with the dead but can learn their names.

-Transmutation: Can transmute apples into oranges.

-Evocation: Can evoke a refreshing breeze.

-Divination: Can determine the alignment of inanimate, nonmagical objects.

-Food: Conjure a variety of fresh seasonings and spices.


Fourth, the priestess:

Click to reveal..
Name: Lindy

Occupation: Priestess of Light

Race: Human


Strength: 1

Dexterity: 2

Intelligence: 7

HP: 10



-Magic: 4

-Religion: 2

-Nature: 1

-First Aid: 3


Cool Thing: Has a beautiful singing voice.


And last but not least, the hat salesman:

Click to reveal..
Name: John

Occupation: Hat Salesman

Race: Human

Alignment: Greedy


Strength: 1

Dexterity: 4

Intelligence: 5

HP: 10



-Martial (Razor-rimmed throwing hat): 3

-Bluff: 4

-Diplomacy: 2


Cool Thing: Can stick a throwing hat in a tree from five yards.

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Quick question.

Cool Thing: Can stick a throwing hat in a tree from five yards.


I immediately thought of Charlie Brown and his kite. Please, tell me that John the hat salesman aims for the boughs.


It would be a distraction in any event. I would imagine the opponent would be stunned for 1 round, long enough time for a second hat to be pulled down over their eyes...

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I'm Sorry, but I've just discovered as of five minutes ago that I can't make 5 o'clock. Maybe 6, but otherwise I can't make it. Sorry, folks. frown


Edit: I have confirmed that if we slide it over an hour to 6:00 p.m. I could probably make it, but I'm not sure if that works for everyone else, and I'm positive no one cares, so do whatever.

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