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Nobody's Heroes



Author: Kelandon

Difficulty: Beginner

Version: 1.0.0



Composite Score: 4.3/5.0


Best: 33.33% (1/3)

Good: 66.67% (2/3)

Average: 0.00% (0/3)

Substandard: 0.00% (0/3)

Poor: 0.00% (0/3)





Keywords: Beginner, Easy, Humor, Linear, Plot Heavy, Short

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Master Ackrovan's Review of Nobody's Heroes


Nobody's Heroes is the 7th scenario made by Kelandon.


The Plot - This scenario has a very original plot compared to most other scenario's. You play a group of new adventurers out into the world for adventure!. You explore a small, isolated valley, looking for chances to prove your worth! Yay! On the way, however, you encounter another group of adventurers. During the course of the scenario, you compete with these adventurers to find Machrones artifact, which was stolen from him. While its nothing jaw-dropping, the plot fits perfectly with the humor ride you'll be in, so overall, its not to shabby.


The Graphics - Nothing surprising or special. Nothing substandard or unfitting either. There really isn't much more to be said. Don't play this scenario for looks, but you don't have to worry about your eyes hurting while looking at it either.


The Dialog - Heavily humor based, you can expect to have quite a few laughs while playing through this scenario. Virtually all of its jokes are on-point and entertaining. If you like to laugh, then you'll enjoy this scenario's dialog. If you don't laugh while playing this scenario, then you probably don't have a good sense of humor.


The Gameplay - There are a few shops in this scenario, although you won't really need them. A few of the shop owners have something to say, but most will simply direct you to their wares. Prices are pretty balanced, but again, I doubt you really need them. The run time for this scenario is around an hour, which while short, is average for a BoA scenario.


The Scripting - One excellent part of this scenario, however, is the scripting. There are some superbly done cut scenes and are a real credit to the designer himself. They range from "OMG, how did he do that" to "Haha, that's hilarious". A few minor scripting tricks were there as well. Overall, the scripting is excellent, and a real eye reason to play this scenario.


The Combat - The combat in this scenario could have used a face lift, to say the least. There are a few fights, but you only participate in one, and its neon-easy. While the plot itself may be the reason why combat wasn't taken heavily into consideration, but it still could have been more varied and entertaining. Don't play this scenario for the combat. You'll be disappointed.


Overall - This is an excellent short scenario with plenty of fun and jokes with some pretty cool coding tricks. While its combat and gameplay features could have been worked on a bit more, you should definitely give this scenario at least on try, for its goods utterly outweighs its bads. So get out there for fortune and glory!!! Or something.


Final Ranking - [rating]Good[/rating]


-- The Great Archon

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Now this is a excellent adventure. The plot is basically quite simple. You are a party of newbie adventurers looking for quests. Here's the good part, there's also another party of adventurers you meet in this scenario, which is exactly like the pre-fabricated party in Exile.


I also liked how the party of 6 used Exile spells instead of Avernum spells. The scripting to make all those spells work in the Avernum engine was great. My favorite was probably Mindduel.


I also liked the humor used in this scenario. The witty banter that each of your party members has was so hilarious. Also, there was some humor in a few of the dialogue options.


I personally liked how you could barter with Machrone to get a higher reward for bringing his box back. That was an interesting touch.


Although I must confess, I didn't play it with a level 1 party. So the only combat in the scenario was with the four goblins, who I killed easily. Another nice bit was that your third party member would be afraid of goblins and when they finally encounter a group of them in that cave, she began freaking out and become terrified.


The town/dungeon design was pretty neat too, I think my favorite would have to be the archmage's castle. Speaking of that, it's kind of funny that your party is rescued from jail by the other adventuring party.


Overall, this scenario was very well done, humorous, and scripted well. I recommend to anyone who likes humor in a scenario, as well as a few things from Exile series.


Rating: [rating]Best[/rating]

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The name of the scenario perfectly describes your party members.

Eager to explore the world, battle evil and helping people while getting rich and famous is all your party dreams of.

Needless to say, same as in the real world, those of high dreams often get brought down to earth day after day. It saddens me that out enthusiastic party didn't accomplish anything, but it's good that they aren't demoralized enough to give up on adventuring, but eagerly look forward to more opportunities to get fame and glory! Huzzahhh!


About the scenario itself - the humour hits us from the very beginning. The particulary hilarious encountets for me were: the ultimate, economically advanced fortress defense, the dialogue with the lich at the start, the super mysterious wizard with bad attitude towards your party and many more.

The way the party never gets any experience or reward whatsoever from the quests, but not being discouraged by it, was funny and sad as well. In the end I almost felt sorry for the poor things.


If you seek some time away from epic serious scenarios, I would certanly recommend to relax with Nobody's Heroes.



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The title of the scenario itself is humorous. This focuses on a humorous plot about our party. Our party wants to enter the adventurous world and want to get fortune and glory! Or something else. The plot has good value and the thinking for creating a unique scenario was far better. The area descriptions and scripting were wonderful. It was not battle heavy but there was no need for battle either. It has some out-game references such as 'title of your dialogue' in the dialogue which I loved much. The final battle or which was supposed to be a battle was most humorous. The best humour scenario I have seen in Blades of Avernum. The gameplay was too not frustrating. Whatever, I liked this scenario and I would recommend this scenario to one who want to laugh using Blades of Avernum. And, designing too was fine. 


Final Rating-


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