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Author: Terror's Martyr

Difficulty: Prefab

Version: 1.0



Composite Score: 3.3/5.0


Best: 0.00% (0/10)

Good: 40.00% (4/10)

Average: 50.00% (5/10)

Substandard: 10.00% (1/10)

Poor: 0.00% (0/10)





Keywords: 24-Hour Scenario, Dark, Designer-Specific Universe, Dialogue Heavy, Linear, Plot Heavy, Prefab Party, Serious, Short, Singleton

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(ported from SV)


I liked this a lot more than I originally thought I would. My first experience was fumbling at best, because the .cmg file was broken and I thought the game was lagging horribly when I walked (turns out I was walking into invisible trees). Then, I read a long box or two of exposition and was told to kill some peasants. When I instantly leveled up five times after the first fight, I realized I couldn't get into it (including the fact that I was killing peasants).


So I let it sit for a while, and I played it again. I liked it. Not my favorite by any means, but good. TM did an excellent job with graphics (the clouds were a bit rough, but meh), and yeah. It was cool. Story's definitely not my favorite, but it was interesting enough to keep me playing. And what do you know... a happy ending where your character doesn't die!


Anyway, it was good. Not genre-defining good, but good nonetheless.


Rating: [rating]Good[/rating]

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Avatar has a few problems: 1) The combat is boring, but there's a reason why it's boring: the player is a nigh-unstoppable paladin and his enemies are mere serfs with pitchforks. The justification does not remove the problem of boring combat, though. 2) The narrative with its GOD!!! and HIM!!! and all the POINTS!!! it's trying to make. I thought it was a bit too much. 3) The scenario is too short to make me care about or even understand the paladin's (Player Character) point of view.


On the plus side, Avatar has a stylish cap and a very stylish cap. These two items, as far as I can tell, are absolutely pointless. There is that and the fact that the designer is TM who always makes his scenario visually pleasing.


Overall, I did not really like Avatar, but it is not bad.


Rating: [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]

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  • 10 months later...

It's very pretty! I never thought a scenario would literally take me into the skies, although in all honesty, the way it was done seemed a bit too easy. I guess the combat really is a bit boring, but, I suppose that does fit with the plot. Maybe it should be considered story combat? If I was making real combat, it would have been much tougher. The "real" fights are also pretty easy... none of the enemies really have any magical skill.


So, the plot: All the God, none of the Jesus. Hasn't redemption been the theme of Christianity for the past 2,000 years? :-) Or, I guess, maybe Sir Siegfried is Jesus? If so, he's a very Protestant Jesus--which seems to be the theme of the whole scenario. In fact, that theme seemed to be a bit heavy-handed: The author gives a literally European setting, complete with collapsing monarchies and religious hierarchy. Still, I'm a bit irked that he only explored the history of things, while totally neglecting the human aspects: It was like a Marxist postcard from Jesusland. So, the score? Well, it's not bad, so: [rating]Average[/rating].

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From Nioca on the CSR:


Overview - In this scenario, you play a soldier. A very strong soldier, one who slaughters everything in his path. And everything near his path, and everything that might come near his path in the near future, and everything within 10-mile radius, just to be sure. In fact, everyone you meet tend to have their lives end within the next ten seconds or so, save for the bosses, who last slightly longer. I only counted about 5 characters you didn't wind up killing. The ridiculous amount of power you wield furthers the goal of butchering anything that moves. None of the combat was at all challenging, save for the final fight.





Plot - Very poor. Perhaps if there had been some sort of plot behind the carnage, I could have understood it. But the scraps of what TM decided to call a plot, combined with some awful exposition, just served to further add to the body count. Which only gets worse when your character, after hearing a massive amount of exposition, decides to go rogue and, well, slaughter more people (now high-ranking people whom you supported 10 seconds ago, all because this guy, a traitor I might add, said to do so). Then you decide to do something really nonsensical and... well, you get the idea.



Combat - Horrifying. As mentioned in the overview, combat was awful. I half-suspect TM made this scenario for the sole purpose of showing how massive amounts of hack-and-slash cause intense boredom. Almost all of the enemies are so underpowered that it's pathetic. The only fight that actually had difficulty was the final fight, which was actually hard. Though I suppose that may have been just from my senses being dulled by the repetitive slaughter that had preceded it.


Design - Fairly good. Nothing particularly spectacular or noteworthy except for the mountain. Towns flowed smoothly and effectively, and are competently designed. Outdoors were similar, though nothing outstanding was present.


Graphics - Excellent. This is Avatar's one strong point. The scenario has incredible scenery and an excellent environment. Some points rival Ephesos's work in terms of beauty. It doesn't make up for everything else, though.


Balance - Poor. The loot balance was fine, but your character is given far more power than is needed, save for the final fight. Enemies are too weak, including all but the final boss. If this singleton was taken into similarly leveled scenarios, he would likely blow through any and all combat. Since the character is a pre-made, and isn't really supposed to leave the scenario, I won't let that count much against the score.


Technical - Decent. There's a few neat tricks here and there, but nothing really worth mentioning. Scenario functions without bugs, as far as I can tell.


Gameplay - Bad. Just not fun at all, unless you enjoy slaughtering hordes of under-powered enemies for no reason.


So, with all that said...



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From Jemand on the CSR:


Not that bad!

The plot was a little dull, somewhere between The Golden Compass and SuperGoryBloodAndDeath2. The combat was easy. It looked nice. A good quicky scenario.


The whole thing with GOD!!! LORD!!! HIM!!! etc was a little strange, but acceptable. I especially liked the very stylish caps and things.



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From Salmon on the CSR:


I really enjoy this. I'm not sure what Nioca is talking about with his review, unless TM completely ****** over the scenario in the past month. This is linear and your choices are limited. Your character has a rather strict moral code, which you may not share, and as such does certain things in certain situations. R.P.G.



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From Lazarus on the CSR:


I thought this scenario was one of the best to come out of the 24 Hour contest. It was a fast paced scenario that did a good job of balancing exposition with combat, and making said combat interesting. Making combat for singletons is tough, especially when you know that all the player has in his arsenal is melee and some limited priest spells, and that there's no opportunity to add to that arsenal through leveling and such. Not up to E:R standards, but still good (And better than I would have done.)


Town design is awesome. And of course, there are Stylish Caps.



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From Nikki on the CSR:


I think was this my least favourite of TMs entries into the contest, but it's been a while since I played them all through again, so I couldn't be sure. Either way, it's still okay.


The exposition sometimes got a little...tedious, but the graphics were masterfully done, and the combat, as already stated was superb considering TM was limited in what he could do.


For something made in 24 hours, it's awesome. As such, I'm going to give it a slightly higer score.



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I feel the story of this scenario is underrated. It's a great and humorous way to depict religion ridiculously.


The three parts I like most about the scenario is:


1. Making every reference to GOD capitalized.


2. How Sigmund betrays the King (who follows GOD) and kill GOD's creations because the people are following the king and not GOD directly.


3. The last part of the scenario where an elegant fairy tale is woven and topped with an old wise elder standing at the summit, and then making the depictedly wise and calm Oathkeeper completely lose his [censored] by Siegried completely breaking the long and archaic tradition with his astounding veneration of the great LORD himself.


Combat is eh. I rate this great propaganda of GOD a [rating]GOOD[/rating].

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I play on Torment. I thought this scenario was great. I loved the limited resources (the very few potions out there). Most of the enemies were easy, (the serfs) which I liked because it enhanced the feeling of being a powerful holy warrior who stomps its lowly enemies beneath its boots. The bosses were considerably tougher. They required some thought and preparation to get through. I think this scenario involved more strategy than the typical Avernum game. I like the mood. I liked the plot. The visuals were impressive. I liked the mysterious armor and weapons that you had to experiment with to determine what they did (which those abundant easily squashable serfs assisted with dramatically). I liked everything about this.


I recommend players only play this on torment though. I could definitely imagine how combat could get repetitive and dull on easier difficulties. It took me 13 tries to beat this, and two complete restarts, but I did it.


I give the scenario a 4.5 out of 5.

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