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Happy Fun Ball


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Do not taunt the happy fun ball!


- Yet another pointless question- Is this a random statement or is there a happy fun ball?


Edit: Oh and about this

So another one is for E3. In the northwest of the outside world there is a mission to destroy a kitty stronghold. They are in cave with various puzzles. The second puzzle with crates seems to have no point. What is the point?
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You do not know of happy fun ball? You have not lived! Hang your head in shame. Especially for making up a credible reason for this topic, shammily.


And to answer the quote, the point is to get on of the barrels to the rune, near the entry to that room without pushing it into the void. Once you've done that, look inside.

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Happy Fun Ball is more of a concept than an actual ball. There may have been an original Happy Fun Ball, but in our minds, it has grown to so much more.


My personal Happy Fun Ball is a really bouncy one that I got from the national science museum. It flashes and everything, when it hits something, running on kinetic energy.

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Yeah, more silly puzzles.


Or don't rejoice with me at my inability to figure out this "remote cave" of puzzles.

Is the solution to the third part of this cave as irritating as actually having to look in the crate that you get to the rune? Cause whatever it is my brain can't discover it. Hrumph "triangles"


Edit: Pardon the lack of coherent thought. Its late..... shocked

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Oh, this reminded me of 'It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye'


When I first started playing Exile, I was a kid with poor english skills. So I took it literally. Oh, the years I spent pondering uppon this enigma!


Was there a monster that plucked out your eyes?


Where could this monster be found?


Was the eye-removing permanent? Could healing not affect it? (the tip seemed to mention that it was quite a severe thing)


How did it affect you? Did you loose half of your sight, depending on which eye the monster poked out (left/right)?


Might this affect mages spellcasting (you can't bomb what you can't see)? Or did you just get general penalties?


Battle tactics: kill'em before they touch you! But what if they plucked out your eyes from a distance?

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