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Exile 2 full for free Guess no )=

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I know what im about to ask is a 99.9% chance you say no. Is there is full version for exile 2? It would be really nice if there was. I just got up to chapter III: Testing, and finished the mind test. Cant find what else to do, but im not going to figure out were to go next. Well until i get the full version, and thats a 99.9% no there is not. )=



O well. I guess this is pointless.

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Well, it's not free, but yes you can buy the full version of Exile 2.


Just go to the Spiderweb Software's Online store:



Why would Jeff release a game without finishing it first?


Oh, and if you want a free game, the Blades of Exile has been opensourced and is available for free.



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I'm not sure what "this" you mean, but if you register the games you get all the editors along with them.


—Alorael, who prefers this to the original scheme of registering editors separately. No one wants an editor without the game, and it's nice to have the editor for when you need it.

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